10/22/14 Sick Dogs in Foul Kennels?!?

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Animal Friends invite city of Karlovac not to underestimate the common vision and a common sense of Croatian citizens

- Veterinary inspection and the City of Karlovac deny the responsibility for the suffering of Utinja dogs

City of Karlovac has entrusted the private company CRPK d.o.o from Karlovac with concession of 700,000 kuna (100,000 € approximately), for holding and caring dogs from area of whole Karlovac County. CRPK uses that money in settlement Utinja, 23 km away from Karlovac, for catching, holding and taking care of the abandoned dogs, although term "taking care" is difficult to apply on this hygienic service in which dogs are killed after 60 days.

"Shelter" in Utinja, which doesn't have updated web site for months, public calls the concentration camp for dogs. It was opened in 2007 after closing down pound in Mostanj because of the inappropriate conditions for dogs, and it was held also by the company CPRK. Owner of the company then announced perfect conditions in the "shelter" in Utinja in which the main building will have a "clinic, reception, warehouse, space for staff, toilet and even a bathroom for dogs"; he also said that the "outdoor cages and so called oases which will serve dogs for walking" are in building process.

Latest pictures from Utinja confirm all the irony of that announcement seven years ago. Public is shocked with photos of stinky and dirty kennels overfilled with wet puppies in bad conditions, undernourished dogs which are mating in cages, sick dogs with bloody diarrhea. The activists that took all those photos also saw the dogs fighting amongst each others, the dogs who are not vaccinated or microchipped and they found a dead puppy and other dying puppies. Veterinary inspector Branka Horvatic recently visited the "shelter" with a representative of the City of Karlovac, and it is stated that the "dogs are in good conditions, have enough food and water and that they are vaccinated, photographed and registered".

This reply is particulary interesting considering that Animal Friends, based on the personal knowledge and investigation of collaborators from Germany, in January 2011 reported the company CRPK to the veterinary inspection for illegal conditions of holding and treating dogs, and harming people of Karlovac who finance the work of CRPK. It is stated that dogs are locked in too small outdoor cages, with no protection from bad weather, that they stand on bars, and in the cages they can't walk freely. Furthermore, it is described that the dogs, because of the irregular cleaning, partly during the day are forced to lie in their own feces or even eat it, while when indoors they suffer in damp, dark and cold environment. Dogs don't have dry place for lying and in the time of cleaning they stay inside a kennel exposed to cold water from a hose.

It is said that they microchip and vaccinate dogs only when adopters are found for them or animal protection associations takes them under their care so they can charge them this cost although it was already charged to the City of Karlovac. This way CRPK gains illegal gain. In the veterinary inspector Branka Horvatic's response it read that inspection found irregularities both in the work of the shelter and in the work of veterinary service, so ​​the decision was made on elimination those defects as well as an indictment against the responsible person due to found irregularities.

Animal Friends' photos from 2009 and 2010 show that nothing has changed up till now in spite of reactions of citizens and animal protection associations. Instead of condemning illegal actions, authorities in charge convince the public that everything is all right in Utinja and pass their responsibility . Thus they dishonor their profession, implying that the citizens do not see on the photos bad treatment of animals but healthy dogs in a good shape.

The public asks why the City of Karlovac puts abandoned dogs, already enough punished for being homeless, in a place far from the eyes of potential adopters, in which animals can expect poor care of those in charge of them, coldness, sickness and death. The City of Karlovac has to give up on its passive attitude and make a deicission about building of an animal shelter near town in order to care for abandoned animals in a legal and civilized way. The City has already previously had the right to request a complete record and transparency of the funded company CRPK, as it could for that money build its own shelter in municipal land.

Animal Friends expect from the veterinary inspection to, instead of cosmetic changes and brief bureaucratic replies, submit reports against the company CRPK for breaing the law in the "shelter" in Utinja. From the City of Karlovac they ask to break a contract with the company CRPK which, obviously, after being reported for many years already due to found irregularities, continues to break laws and neglects wellbeing of animals in charge until their adoption.

Shelter in Utinja 2009 [ 70.66 Kb ]Shelter in Utinja 2009 [ 57.94 Kb ]Shelter in Utinja 2009 [ 118.28 Kb ]Shelter in Utinja 2009 [ 119.85 Kb ]Shetler in Utinja 2010 [ 78.24 Kb ]Shetler in Utinja 2010 [ 101.39 Kb ]Shetler in Utinja 2010 [ 128.25 Kb ]Shetler in Utinja 2010 [ 108.81 Kb ]Shelter in Utinja 2010 [ 92.47 Kb ]

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