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The dogs are suffering and starving, but the inspection says everything's fine 11/26/2020

This month, a highly malnourished, unvaccinated, and unmicrochipped young dog was found on Velebit, which was brought down from the mountain by the finders. The Zadar asylum took over another unvaccinated and unchipped dog, less than a year old, that was starved almost to death and left in a quarry in Benkovac. These are just two of the latest examples that Animal Friends Croatia receives on a weekly basis about the extremely poor condition of "hunting" dogs in Dalmatia. "This summer we found out about a case of a hound dog in the Posavina that was malnourished almost to death, found near Zadar. Volunteers found out that the dog belonged to a local hunter, but they had no evidence because the dog was not marked. The police even advised them to leave the dog to 'starve and die' where it was found. They however took the dog to Zadar Asylum", says the organization. Although the inspectors have jurisdiction and they can file an indictment and even a criminal complaint they regularly don't and even work to the benefit of hunters. It is devastating and absurd that veterinary inspectors generally write in their report that dogs are kept in proper conditions and that they are all in good condition, although it is obvious to everyone that a number of legal provisions have been violated and that the welfare of these dogs is seriously endangered.

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