Stores That Do (Not) Sell Live Animals

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The cruelty hidden behind trade of companion animals is unimaginable. Overcrowded breeding places which look like industrial establishments treat animals as objects. Animals are kept in horrid conditions where they usually bite and even kill each other. They end up in boxes marked with destination and numbers and go on their trip to the next temporary destination – pet store. They are exhibited so someone could choose new accessory or toy for a child. Animals are awaiting for a lifetime behind bars, as mere slaves to other species.

The buying and selling of animals is morally wrong. Imprisoning and oppressing of animals by man is one speciestic act of exploit of other living beings on the basis of their species. Such treatment of other animals cannot be allowed; we need to boycott stores which sell animals and stop supporting an industry that denies the basic rights to life and freedom for all living beings.

On our Black/White List of stores that do (not) sell companion animals you can find which stores in Croatia sell animals and should be boycotted. Please buy food and supplies for your companion animals only in the stores enlisted on the White List.

The list of the stores that do (not) sell live animals is regularly updated.

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