10/02/09 Food and Climate

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On the occasion of the visit of Jens Holm to Croatia, Animal Friends invites to the lecture 'Food and Climate'

Jens Holm is the former member of the European Parliament, a member of the GUE/NGL parliamentary group, and a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Environment and the Parliamentary Committee on International Trade.

Mr. Jens Holm is coming to Croatia to meet Marijana Petir, Mirela Holy and other members of the Committee for Environmental Protection of the Croatian Parliament and hold a public lecture about the impact of the livestock industry on the environment. In his exposure he will give shocking information about the biggest threat of life on Earth - climate changes. After the lecture, all present will be able to enjoy the becoming delicious snack.

The public lecture will take place on Friday October 2, 2009 at 7:30 P.M. in the Europe House Zagreb, Strasbourg Hall, Jurisiceva 1. Attendants of the lecture will get a free copy of the report The Livestock Industry and the Climate written by Jens Holm in collaboration with the journalist Toivo Jokkala.

Both the lecture and the report rely on the detailed report about animal breeding and climate changes published by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The report, among other things, states that the meat industry and animal breeding for food causes more gas emissions responsible for the greenhouse effect than the entire world traffic.

Jens Holm is the author of Food, Environment, Justice - The Effects of Meat Consumption on the Environment and the Global Food Supply; he is also a political advocate for the meat tax which is at the moment considered in the Netherlands because of the bad impact of the meat industry on the environment, climate and economy.

The arrival of Jens Holms and his lecture will be on World Farm Animals Day, which this year will also be marked as part of Animal Friends Day (October 1-4). During these days there will be also other events in which the public will be informed about animal rights and ecolocigally, ethically and healthier lifestyle.

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