11/13/09 For Croatia without Killing of Abandoned Animals

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Animal Friends welcomes the decision of the City of Dubrovnik and invites other towns to join it

After the shocking proposal on the decision of killing abandoned dogs, the City of Dubrovnik again surprised the public, but this time with the positive example other Croatian towns should also follow: It adopted a decision which bans the killing of healthy dogs even after the period of 60 days will be over. The City of Dubrovnik will officially confirmed its status as the town which for years already has not performed euthanasia on animals in its shelter, and this thanks to the efforts and work of the Society for the Protection of Animals Dubrovnik.

Beside this, the City of Dubrovnik joined Velika Gorica, Karlovac and Pozega by adopting a regulation about the mandatory microchipping of all dogs in order to easily track irresponsible guardians of dogs and penalize them according to the Animal Protection Act. Although according to the Rulebook on Dog Identification the microchipping of dogs born after 2004 is mandatory, such decisions of local authorities cover microchipping of all dogs, especially the older ones who are more often being abandoned because irresponsible individuals do not want to care of them with the years.

With the taking of these decisions the City of Dubrovnik gave an example that local authorities can and shall take various measures in prevention of abandoning of dogs, thus protecting them from irresponsible citizens. We welcome the announcement of building a shelter for abandoned dogs.

We support the City of Dubrovnik in its proposal to make amendments to the Animal Protection Act and ban the killing of healthy dogs, thus making Croatia a country without euthanasia of abandoned animals. We expect other towns and authorities to follow Dubrovnik's positive example.

We join the petition launched by the Society for the Protection of Animals Dubrovnik and the civil initiative Antigenocide from Dubrovnik, which will also be signed in other Croatian towns and thus invite everyone to sign the petition for the legal ban of euthanasia of animals in shelters and the petition for the urgent reconstruction of the veterinary inspection in Croatia.

The best way to help abandoned animals is to give them a home if there are conditions for that instead of buying animals from breeders or animal smugglers. Animal trade is a lucrative business in which the only motive is making money. In this business animals are exposed to great cruelty.

The best prevention from animal abandoning is to inform the public on animal protection, starting from schools and kindergartens, sanctioning irresponsible guardians who abandon their animals, spay and neuter programs and encouraging homing of dogs.



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