The Animal Protection Network

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The Animal Protection Network was founded on June 15, 2008 and is an Animal Friends' project with the aim of networking organizations, individuals and institutions to work on the issues of animal abandoning and their homing.

It has over 40 members, among them animal protection organizations and lots of individuals, while it has the support of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Through Animal Friends, the Animal Protection Network collaborates with the Veterinary Office and the Veterinary Inspection Office of the Ministry of Agriculture, the City of Zagreb and other bodies of state, regional and local government.

In the Network's field of activity meetings are being held after which the agreed conclusions and decisions are implemented. The Animal Protection Network works on the education of its members, transmits useful information to members and collects and sends proposals for amendments of laws and regulations to relevant institutions.

The coordination of the Animal Protection Network is done by members of Animal Friends and collaborators from other organizatons. There is no formal membership, but members will receive the right for information and the right to join the meetings.

This Animal Protection Network is open to other organizations, civil initiatives, shelter managers, representatives of city and municipal authorities and individuals, and those who contribute to the management and prevention of abandoning of animals.

These are some of the aims of the Animal Protection Network:

The ultimate goal of the Animal Protection Network is complete cessation of abandoning of animals and raising awareness and responsibilities of citizens to a level which will result in the termination of the need for a shelter for abandoned animals.

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