269 Solidarity

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On October 2, 2012, World Farm Animals Day, three animal rights activists in Israel got branded with a hot steel brand and started the "269 Solidarity" campaign.

They were branded with a number of a specific calf ("269") as a symbol of immortalization and identification with the farm animals, conveying the demand to acknowledge their inner value and rights (not to be a property) and the message of animal equality - the blood is the same blood, the suffering is the same suffering.

Tens of thousands people watched this shocking video on its very first days on YouTube and three activists also launched an official website www.269life.com.

Now they launched a big 269 tattoo event on November 1 in order to amplify the animals' silent cry.

Animal Friends Croatia supports this initiative and invites everyone who wants to join the "269 Solidarity" campaign to send us a picture of their 269 tattoo at our e-mail prijatelji-zivotinja@inet.hr.

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