06/24/13 Help making of the film Animals: A Parallel History

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Funding campaign for making of film Animals: A Parallel History is currently in progress. It will be a documentary film about animals who participated in historical events.

The invention of film marked the beginning of the modern age.
The story of the first film is simple; it shows a horse rider galloping. Like many times before, man and animal were participants in the history of mankind, history, which has forgotten about animals.

As animals do not have the power of speech and their fate is not taught in schools, this movie is a modest attempt to show people the shared history.

It is surprising how many anonymous and celebrity animals participated in historical events, always in the background and behind the scenes, and how strong the connection between human rights and animal rights movements are and have been, from the very beginning.
The first movie was with animal, the first Oscar winner was an animal, the first creature in space was animal, the first ambulance man made for the animals.

Movie shows how animals decreased in importance over the last 200 years from the Progresive Era, and became ordinary machines for food and experiments in modern age.

The movie has a intention to awake and renew people’s interest for animals destiny and establish lectures in schools of animal history in the near future. The author's is to spread this idea all around the world. First step is to make the movie and then promote the lectures in schools of animal history to a world leaders and organizations, like UN, UNEP, PETA, WWF, etc.

Film author is writer, producer, director, cartoonist and publisher, Stevan Zivkov Andricin. Born in former Yugoslavia, Republic of Serbia, in serbian-hungarian family. From 1991. he lived in Budapest, and working like cartoonist/illustrator in many magazines. In 2000, he establishes a studio called "Cityfocus", based in the Novi Sad, East Central Europe region, specialized motion graphics design and web design. Since year 2005, studio start with children and historical documentary films production.

You can see more about the film and individual animal cases throughout history at:
Animals A Parallel History - facebook
If you wish to help making of the film, you can contact authors there as well.

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