8 Ways Animals Make You Love Life More

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In discussing the benefits of animals, companion pets usually steal the spotlight. Study after study now shows how dogs and cats can improve your health as natural mood enhancers, stress soothers and immunity boosters.

Cats, dogs and other live-in companion pets are also talked about for their fun, non-medical benefits including their amazing ability to become our friendly morning alarm clocks or how they inspire us to try out new voices when we’re around them (even pitches and tones we never knew we possessed).

Yet, all animals – not just dogs and cats – have their benefits. First and foremost, each and every animal on the planet is here for their own purposes and in one way or another contribute to the benefit of another being. This type of assistance can most readily be seen with wild animals, especially keystone species and apex predators. However, we mustn't forget about farm animals, as this often marginalized group plays a key role in educating us about the power of extending compassion to every sentient being.

Above all, non-human animals are not ours to be used as we please; rather we should look upon them more as teachers, showing us the true beauty of life if only we'd stop for a moment and take in the amazing world unfolding all around us each day – a world we are a part of, not separate from.

As a tribute to the remarkable non-human animals we share our lives and Earth with, check out the following 8 ways in which these same animals inspire and teach us to love and embrace live more than we already do.

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