09/13/14 Adopting is Cool - We All Love School

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The Event "Adopting is Cool" will be held by the Shelter for Abandoned Animals of the City of Zagreb in collaboration with Animal Friends and the City Office for Agriculture and Forestry on Saturday, September 13, 2014, from 9 A.M. until 3 P.M. on Trg bana Jelacica in Zagreb, with the slogan "We All Love School."

The Animal Protection Act states in Article 58 that government bodies, local units and regional self-governing bodies should develop public awareness, especially with young people, regarding animal protection.

In Croatia there are few local communities that understand the importance of education and which respect the above article of the Animal Protection Act. This is why Petra, an educationalist from the Dumovac shelter and Sisi, her accompanying dog, make an excellent example of how the caring kind treatment of animals is evidence that we can share this planet equally together with other sentient beings.

Animals are not toys, and they should not be objects of trade either. Children learn quickly that adopting is better than buying, how important microchipping is and how spaying and neutering helps animals. They also learn as quickly that abandoning animals is very cruel, and find it easy to recognise that all animals feel pain, enjoy life and freedom the same as you or I.

To help Petra and Sisi get the new car that they need and to sponsor their promised visits to Zagreb's schoolchildren, we invite you all to visit our information stall which you will find on the central Zagreb square.

We believe that animal protection education is important for all local communities so that they can all become aware of the Animal Protection Act and that they will, in collaboration with associations and citizens, begin building a better world for people and animals.

So, remember to adopt and not to buy a dog or a cat, or any other animal. All living beings deserve love and respect, and these are not for sale.

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