07/21/15 The 8th ZeGeVege Festival

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Animal Friends announces a unique vegan festival, now with more exhibitors, novelties and activities

- Veganmania in Zagreb, Ban Jelacic Square, September 4-5, 2015

Check out again this year why Zagreb's Veganmania pushes the limits and attracts more visitors every year! The 8th annual ZeGeVege Festival, organized by Animal Friends, will take place at the beginning of September. On Friday, September 4, from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M., and Saturday, September 5, from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M., all visitors can join in the celebration of life and once again confirm the importance of advocating sustainable living and the welfare of humans, environment and animals.

During the two festival days, more than 40,000 people will visit the stalls of the exhibitors of health food, organic and sustainable products, and cosmetics that haven't been tested on animals, and be entertained by performers who support sustainable living and animal rights. Exhibitors will showcase their goods, and non-profit organizations and organic farmers present their enterprises at 90 stalls, 10 more than the previous year. Don't miss the 8th ZeGeVege Festival and enjoy the showcases of vegan-friendly restaurants, free cosmetic treatments and hair styling, food sampling and sales promotions, cooking workshops, ecological innovations, lectures, kids' corner and workshops, documentary projections, giveaway, and similar activities.

This is the only festival of this kind in Croatia and the biggest in the region that showcases and promotes exclusively plant-based products and sustainable living, meaning the way of living which advocates the use of natural resources without damaging the environment, or threatening the lives of other animals and human welfare. This lifestyle promotes long term survival of plant and animal species, biodiversity, natural balance, and the peaceful coexistence of all living beings.

The ZeGeVege Festival is a part of the international Veganmania Project hosted in Vienna, Munich, and 15 other European cities. This attractive, fun and educational project promotes sustainable living and vegan ethics through diverse contents, workshops, lectures and showcases by local and international exhibitors.

The 8th ZeGeVege Festival is sponsored by the city of Zagreb, and will be opened by the Mayor of Zagreb. Besides the Mayor's Office, the festival is supported by: the City Office for Health, Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, Croatian Chamber of Economy – Tourism Department, City Office for Economy, Labor and Enterprises, Environmental Protection Agency, Croatian Agricultural Agency, City Office for Agriculture and Forestry, City Office for Energetics, Environment Protection and Sustainable Development, and Zagreb Tourist Board.

For more information, visit www.zegevege.com and the ZeGeVege Festival Facebook page.

Animal Friends invites members of the press to support the non-profit and educational ZeGeVege Festival. The media will have access to announcements, banners and short news, and the schedule of workshops and lectures will be announced shortly.

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