07/29/15 The Czech Republic Moves Toward a Ban on Fur Farming

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Animal Friends Croatia presents a shocking video by a Czech organization that faithfully captures the living conditions of animals in the fur industry

- The citizens of the Czech Republic show support for the introduction of a ban on fur farming in their country

Prompted by the increasing number of activists' reports revealing numerous irregularities and the poor treatment of animals on fur farms, the citizens of the Czech Republic have supported the initiative to ban the breeding of animals for fur in that country. The Czech Republic is the latest in the growing list of countries that have imposed bans on fur farming following the dawning realization that it is impossible to secure basic living conditions and welfare of animals who are being exploited because of the human rapacity for animal fur.

A video from Czech farms taken by the Czech animal rights organization OBRAZ is a realistic reflection of the general conditions in which farmed animals spend their short lives. They are born and killed in captivity, plagued by depression, anxiety and stress as a result of their living conditions, which leads to the development of stereotypical behavior. They perform repetitive actions and self-harm, resulting in various infections and diseases.

The biggest victims of the fur industry are foxes, mink, ferrets and chinchillas. According to a survey of public opinion conducted in 2013, 68% of Czech citizens supports the initiative to ban the breeding and raising of animals for fur.

In comparison, the Croatian ban on fur farming was supported by more than 70% of the population immediately prior to its implementation. The ban was achieved as part of the Animal Protection Act of 2007, with a ten year phase-out period. A fifth of the farmers have not yet aligned with the law, and only 2 years remain until the ban fully comes into force.

With the latest news on the ban on fur farming arriving daily, it is paradoxical that the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture is trying to undermine the existing Animal Protection Act by proposing a chinchilla exception to the ban, which are the only animals that are bred for their fur in Croatia.

Watch the video on the fur industry below, or on our YouTube channel.

The video was translated in agreement with the author, the Czech organization OBRAZ - Animal Defenders. Learn more about the situation in the Czech Republic and support the majority of Czech citizens by signing the petition to ban fur farming in that country: http://www.obrancizvirat.cz/en/petition

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