09/02/15 ZeGeVege Veganmania Is Just Around the Corner

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Two days of excitement and rich program at the Croatian festival of sustainable living

- September 4 and 5, 2015, Zagreb's Main Square: 100 exhibitors, concerts and performances, lectures, workshops, Germany's Strongest Man, restaurants offering vegan kebabs and burgers, valuable prizes, food sampling, eco-innovations…

Are you ready for two days filled with positive energy? On Friday, September 4 (9 a.m.-9 p.m.) and Saturday, September 5 (9 a.m.-7 p.m.), Zagreb's Main Square will become the center of entertainment and education. Find out about the advantages of the vegan diet and what is sustainable living, leaf through a good cookbook, have a vegan kebab or garlic salami, get natural seeds, apply for the Veggie challenge, sweeten your day with stevia, have a laugh at our mascots Carrotsy and Peasy, check out the Veggie showcase, find your Vegan Buddy, or learn how to bread without eggs. Don't miss a ride on the electric scooter, win a professional juicer or some other prize, meet a vegan who lifts 550 kg, hear a lecture on the ecological footprint, or enjoy a soy latte in the company of Ban Josip Jelacic.

This is a unique festival in this part of Europe and part of the international Veganmania Festival. Its distinguishing feature is the showcasing and promotion of exclusively plant-based products which are environmentally friendly and have not been tested on animals. The Festival is dedicated to healthy and sustainable living, and human, environmental and animal welfare.

The program kicks off on Friday, September 4, at 9 a.m., with the grand opening by Mayor Milan Bandic slated for 10:30 a.m. The star of this year's ZeGeVege Festival is Patrik Baboumian, heavyweight champion and Germany's Strongest Man, who will promote his book "How to Become a Vegan Badass" and be available for a chat with visitors. Patrik Baboumian will explain how the vegan diet boosts strength and stamina in his lecture on September 4 at 8 p.m.

A record number of 100 exhibitors of health food, eco-friendly products and innovations, and cosmetics that have not been tested on animals will showcase at the 8th annual ZeGeVege Festival. Expect international and certified vegan exhibitors, various associations and humanitarian and environmental initiatives, and useful tourist information.

The practical and educational lectures on sports, ecology, diet, activism and veganism, cooking workshops with samplings of sweet and savory dishes, and urban gardening and sustainable living workshops will provide expert knowledge and enhance your personal experience. The Festival will also showcase plant-based food for dogs and cats, organic fruits and vegetables, non-alcoholic beer and eco-friendly innovations, and feature food sampling, screening of videos on animal rights and the vegan diet, and appropriate brochures with vegan recipes. All visitors who fill the coupons at the organizer's booth can enter the giveaway, and with little luck win valuable and useful prizes.

Animal Friends Croatia invites you to join the festive and positive atmosphere of the ZeGeVege Festival! Tune in to the DJ's playlist, dance to the beat of pop, hip-hop and rock music, listen to the children's voices, and enjoy the concerts and dance acts of our cheerful and diverse performers. Get useful information on sustainable living from our exhibitors, lecturers and performers while having a good time.

This year's ZeGeVege Festival is supported by the Mayor's Office, City Office for Health, Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, Croatian Chamber of Economy – Tourism Department, City Office for Economy, Labor and Enterprises, Environmental Protection Agency, Croatian Agricultural Agency, City Office for Agriculture and Forestry, City Office for Energetics, Environment Protection and Sustainable Development, Zagreb Tourist Board, and others. The Festival is sponsored by Zagreb City.

The ZeGeVege Festival program is available at www.zegevege.com. The Festival is a non-profit volunteer run event organized by Animal Friends Croatia.

Participating restaurants are Makan Naturkost from Germany, and Green Point and Vegetarian Club Vegehop from Zagreb. Beside the non-alcoholic Ozujsko Cool beer, visitors can sample the Fructal Natura 100% biojuices courtesy of AWT International and find refreshment with the Cetina natural spring water. Plant milk for coffee is provided by Alpro. Part of the products for the Veggie showcase is donated by SPAR Croatia (Veggie Spar) and bio&bio stores.

In the ecovehicles tent, Opel will offer information on the gas-powered vehicles as a more environmentally-friendly option which reduces pollution. Also featured is the launch of Zero, Zagreb's electric scooter made in Croatia.

The Festival is hosted by Sara Mesin. The official photographers are the MMM Photography duo. Chillout Hostel Zagreb will provide free and affordable accommodation with vegan breakfast. Patrik Baboumian, who was flown in free of charge courtesy of Aviokarte, will stay with Hostel Casablanca.

ZeGeVege Festival Exhibitors

Veterans' cooperative Arka nasa, Slovenian Vegan Society, Green Action, Vegehop, Lifeenergy, OPG Dora Dujmovic, OPG Cajzler Dragica, "Ivica i Željka" Craft, production and processing of self-grown okra pods, Liquid Sun, OPG Klobucar, First In The Raw - Nut Bars, Sirova hrana, Moja Pasta, Art of Raw, Vegetarijana Plus, OPG Ivana Rozic, OPG Aralica (Divlji cvit), Vegetariana, Organica Vita, Biodobro ekološka kmetija, Konoplja & Co., Sloboda za zivotinje, Green Point, Sana delicacies, OPG Ira Branilovic, EVA Water Clinic, Greencajg, Nutrimedica, OPG Zvonko Hursa, OPG Jakopovic, Vetiveria Shop (Apostel Kräuter), Planetopija, OPG Pereglin Tomislav, Advent, Jupiter Projekt, BoBo trade, catering and services, Eco-ethno association Terra Magnifica, Zmajevna, BB natura vera, Travar MB, Black cumin oil "Bozidar", Spar Hrvatska, Zrno eko imanje, Gala Natura, Eko OPG Hujic, OPG Zeljko Ilicic, Annapurna, Makam Naturkost, PTO Busic, Energiereich – Ringana, Ami dog and cat food, Sindikat biciklista, AWT International, OPG Kelecic, OPG Selanac, OPG Veselic, Ekozona, bio&bio, Oatly, Udruga Pobjede, Sattva association for the promotion of Ayurveda and vegetarianism, Association Vestigium, RODA – Parents in Action, Enzita, OPG Paulik, OPG Brolich, OPG Ana Kovacic, POSTIRA Agricultural Cooperative, OPG Branko Cegec, Bokun, OPG Cizmek Ljubica, Social Cooperative Humana Nova, OPG Franjo Finta, OPG Anto Juric, Drveni kutak, Zitnica zdrave hrane, K naravi, Shelter for Abandoned Animals of the City of Zagreb, International Gabriele Foundation, Glas životinja, Alpro, Encian, Eco-friendly Toys Adamović, OPG Oreskovic, OPG Andreja Petrovic, OPG Marija Mudric, Sapunoteka, Association Mrkvica, Bormax, OPG Zlata Nanic, SMID - Mirjana Strancaric, Dvostruka duga and Vegefino, Biodar, OPG Marija Pesa, CannaBio, Opel, Smart Move Solution, Patrik Baboumian, Animal Friends Croatia.

ZeGeVege Festival Performers

Dino and Lorena Jelusic, Happy Hoop, Mofit - fitness club, School of street styles, Back To Swing, Atomic Dance Factory, IFEEL, House of Jam, Bojan Jambrosic, Zumba® Fitness, Dj Academy.

ZeGeVege Festival Lecturers

Jelena Tomasevic, Sandra Dobric (Parkticipacija), Tatjana Zajec, Nikolina Plenar, Tamara Dabic (Makronova), Marina Zrnic, Aleksandra Hampamer, Dubravka Novotni, PhD, Docent, The Center for Food Culture, Dragan Surlan, Patrik Baboumian, Zeleni klik Association, Mihaela Devescovi, Vedran Romac, Irena Miksic, Vladimira Vlatka Frketic (Makronova), Udruga Pobjede Association, Ivan Zokovic (ZMAG).

ZeGeVege Festival General Sponsor

Spar Croatia (Veggie Spar)

ZeGeVege Festival Sponsors

Meridian, Hostel Casablanca, The Center for Food Culture, Hurom, Avesu vegan shoes, Kerschoffset Zagreb, Fructal, Cetina, Ozujsko Cool, Chillout Hostel Zagreb, Design Studio Zale, Toma palete, Avalon, Arto, Vektor Group, Europlakat, Encian (Alpro).

ZeGeVege Festival Friends

Pinta Pub, M3 Photography, Inki Dinki, Dj Academy.

ZeGeVege Festival Media Sponsors

Radio Sunce, Fresh.hr, Z1, Medikus.hr, ZGportal Zagreb, Radio 101, Sretna.hr, Sensa, Sensaklub.hr, Lisa, Moj lijepi vrt, Lijepa&Aktivna, Nexus-svjetlost.com, Kupiuvarazdinu.com, Zagrebmojgrad.hr, Scena.hr, Kamonaizlet.hr, Burzahrane.hr, Vikendplaner.info, Krenizdravo.com, Zena.hr, Kvarner News, Znano.st, Radio Martin, Glamour.hr, H-Alter.org, Zdrava Televizija, Zagrebinfo.hr, Drumtidam, Naturala.hr, Metro-portal.hr, Radio Samobor.

ZeGeVege Festival Giveaway Sponsors

All Festival visitors can enter a giveaway to win: 15 kg of Ami dog food, Annapurna prize pack, AWT International prize pack, OPG Hujic prize pack, Sapunoteka prize pack, Hurom juicer, SPAR prize pack, Zacini Busic prize pack.

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