03/22/02 Water Protection Day

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An Animal Friends action to mark World Water Protection Day


On the World Water Protection Day, Animal Friends is inviting you to join its action which consists of giving out information to the general public related to the consumption and pollution of water made by the meat industry.

It will take place on March 3, 2002, at 1:00 P.M. on the Starcevic Square. Our activist will hand out informational leaflets and there will be a information stand with small models and diagrams. It will go on on Saturday as well.

The amount of water needed to produce 1 kilo of cereal: 100 liters.

The amount of water needed to produce 1 kilo of meat: 10,000 liters.

The amount of water needed to produce 10 kg of steaks equals to the amount of water consumed by an average family in a year.

50% of the entire world's water consumption is used for mass livestock production.

Meat factories, working now days with no dependence upon the land, are producing a huge amount of waste which is seriously endangering the ground waters.

The relative concentration of waste from a farm has 10 to a couple of times the pollution potential of domestic sewage.

In USA alone, the meat industry pollutes their water equally to the amount of all other industries and cities put together.

50% of water pollution is caused by mass livestock production. A large amount of nitrate from livestock manure has found its way to the ground waters causing some mineral water to be unsatisfactory to the criteria of drinkable waters.



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