03/12/02 Inspection of Animals Abused for Fur

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Animal Friends demands for inspection of animals abused for fur

Animal Friends has started a campaign against abuse of animals for fur. This campaign has-been set in motion in many other countries. In some of them, like in the UK, fur farms are forbidden and they must be closed until 2005.

We want our country to join this trend of western countries and to make a step against cruelty of animals. We look for better collaboration from our competent constitutions (such as Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry). We also want them to send inspections on fur farms in Croatia which would control the way of their maintenance and killing.

Animals on fur farms spend their whole life in small, dirty cages and after they've gone mad because of the stress and boredom, they are killed with electric schocks, gas poisoning, or are suffocated. But sometimes they just stay disorientated and they are alive when their skin gets pulled apart.

From a very reliable source we got some information that animals are held in extremely inhuman and cruel conditions which is violation of animal rights.

So we are asking you to investigate the real situation in these "institutions." Our volunteers can join your inspections so that control of fur farms could be objective and there would be no cases of corruption.



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