03/12/16 The Veggie Salute to Spring

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Awaiting Meatout, Animal Friends are sharing tasty presents to citizens

- To mark Meatout, Animal Friends are awarding positive changes

On Saturday, March 12, 2016, on the Zagreb central square, Animal Friends will invite all those interested to greet the annually celebrated Meatout on the first day of spring by making good decisions in changing their diet.

Spring symbolizes the awakening of nature, a new beginning, creation and birth, and in accordance with that, members of Animal Friends hope to evoke the conciseness of citizens about the many advantages of a plant-based diet.

Meatout is celebrated by people across the world by removing animal products from their diet and their menus. It is marked every year, starting from 1985, when it was started by a non-profit organization Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM).

Inviting all citizens to mark this spring day with them, Animal Friends have prepared interesting presents for all those who accept the Veggie Challenge – packages which consist of a brochure about healthy diet, poster with a diet pyramid, pendant or a badge and a tasty vegan product like milk, sausage or a pate.

A bunch of interesting presents will await the visitors of the Animal Friends stand, starting at 11 o'clock, who will fill out the application for the Veggie Challenge, i.e. take part in this spring challenge.

Since the start of the year over a thousand people have already accepted the Veggie challenge in duration of 30 days, joining the increasing number of citizens who strive towards veganism or have already become vegans.

The application, numerous spring recipes, useful tips and other interesting things about the Veggie Challenge can be found on www.veganopolis.net.

Animal Friends wish to express their gratitude to bio&bio stores for supporting this international action.

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