06/07/16 Animal circus in Slavonski Brod

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The City of Slavonski Brod
Mayor Miro Duspara
Vukovarska 1
35000 Slavonski Brod

June 7, 2016

Subject: Animal circus in Slavonski Brod

Dear Mr. Duspara:

We are addressing you as the mayor thanks to whom the quality of life in Slavonski Brod has increased significantly and thanks to whom over the last decade Slavonski Brod has become an entrepreneurial zone, but also the economic and cultural centre of the county. During your terms in office a lot has been invested in the economy and infrastructure, all to the satisfaction of your fellow citizens.

On the other hand, after numerous reports from surprised and outraged citizens about the presence of an wild animal circus in Slavonski Brod, in spite of the strict, clear and publicly known legal regulation that fully prohibits circuses with wild animals, we are sending you a report and request for immediate intervention.

Article 53, paragraph 1 of the current Animal Protection Act states that ''It is prohibited to keep wild animals in circuses and use them in circus performances and other performances involving animals'' (Animal Protection Act 2006). Article 3, paragraph 5 of the same Act defines domestic animals as ''animals that man has tamed, domesticated and bred for the production of food, feedstuff, byproducts and other economic purposes'' (Animal Protection Act 2006).

It is clear from the above legal regulation that in Croatia it is prohibited to keep wild animals in circuses, regardless of them performing in a circus act or not, as well as the fact that camels, llamas and similar animals are not domestic in Croatia, but wild animals, and as such are not permitted to enter Croatian territory with circuses. Accordingly, the entrance of the aforementioned circus into Croatian territory is illegal, and the public has been sent a message that the City of Slavonski Brod and other competent authorities do not care about the implementation of the Animal Protection Act, but openly violate it.

Animals used for the purpose of entertaining the masses in circuses are forced to behave unnaturally, they are kept in unsuitable conditions, suffer imprisonment and difficult conditions of long trips and transport, and the way they are treated by handlers is far from entertaining. Often the animals are deprived of food, even when accommodated, mainly for the purpose of training and incentive to perform circus acts. On the other hand, if at a given time an animal is not willing or able to perform an act for which it has been trained, a whole system of punishment is applied.

We believe that you care not only for the implementation of the Law, but also for a clear message to the citizens that the use of animals in circuses for profit is considered a primitive and unacceptable form of entertainment that should remain part of the shameful past and as such is not welcome even in your city, nor in Croatia.

Furthermore, 30 Croatian cities have signed a decision to ban all animal circuses, exotic and domestic animals included, so we invite you to be remembered in the history of your city as a mayor who made this praiseworthy decision directed towards humaneness and progress.

We thank you for your time and understanding and we kindly ask for your reaction and response.


Luka Oman
President of the Association

Reply of the veterinary inspection from Brodsko-posavska County, June 10, 2016

Reaction to the reply of veterinary inspection, June 13, 2016

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