12/29/11 Life Saving New Year's Resolutions!

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Animal Friends proposes simple resolutions to the citizens on the occasion of New Year

- The best New Year's resolutions are those that change positively the lives of individuals and affect positively other living beings

At the end of the year many people make New Year's resolutions meant to improve their lives and help them develop into better persons. Animal Friends proposes that everyone introduces changes into his or her life that will positively affect not only individuals, but also the welfare of other living beings and the planet we share. The New Year's resolutions may seem a small change at a personal level, but by changing our own habits and patterns of thinking we also change the lives of others.

Therefore, Animal Friends invites citizens to contribute with their New Year's resolutions to major changes in the human relationship to animals, the resolutions which take into consideration the welfare of other beings, and, other than saving lives, also valuable gifts are received - pure heart and conscience.

A simple New Year's resolution is to, instead of buying, one should adopt an abandoned animal, if the conditions for long-term responsible care for the animal exist. This decision reduces the number of abandoned animals in the shelters and on the streets and brings the love and affection of a new family member.

With the decision to buy cosmetics and cleaning products not tested on animals you get safe products, and you spare the animals. The so-called White List is available here.

Anyone can make the decision not to wear clothing and footwear resulting from the exploitation of animals (fur, leather, silk, feathers or wool) - a large selection of natural and artificial materials that meet all the demands of fashion are available on the market.

Also, decide that you will not attend circuses with animal acts, zoos, aquariums and water parks. The confined animals spend miserable lives, and fun should come from human skill and art, instead of forcing animals to a completely unnatural behavior.

The decision that can be most helpful to animals, but also to the environment, other people and our own health, is the transition to a vegetarian or, better yet, vegan diet. This directly spares the lives of thousands of animals, and also improves our own health and makes a major contribution to environmental protection. The decision on the diet and lifestyle change changes radically the outlook on the world and the lives of other sentient beings that feel pain just as humans do.

Changing the diet will make you feel wonderful because of the positive effects on human health and the increase of energy, but also because of all the rescued animals and the environment preservation. Thereby you are participating in the global change, which is inevitably expanding, and becoming a part of the world's great community of conscientious and compassionate individuals. Therefore, enrich your diet in the new year, discover new tastes and turn a new leaf - leaf of compassion, good health and vitality, sustainability and environmental awareness!

Animal Friends can facilitate the implementation of the New Year's resolutions by offering a wealth of information at www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr and www.vegan.hr, free printed and video materials, cooking workshops that will evoke the joy of cooking and enjoying vegan food, as well as tips of the Vegan Buddy, a personal adviser on the vegan lifestyle.

Let’s achieve this New Year's resolutions and let them last for a lifetime!

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