01/23/03 Don't Wear Fur

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Anti-fur campaign goes on in Zagreb

The message has been sent: "Don't wear fur!"

This event staged by Animal Friends took place on the main square. It is the continuation of a global movement orchestrated for the first time in an Eastern European country with PETA which has more than 800,000 members, including many influential people and celebrities, such as Sir Paul McCartney for example.

Goran Visnjic, Croatian actor globally popular as dr. Kovach from the E.R. TV series, joined too and supported the promotion of the idea. His photo and message "If you wouldn't wear your dog - please don't wear any fur!" were printed on the leaflets and handed to passers-by.

Each lady in fur coat was greeted by an activist disguised to look like chinchilla who gave her a pamphlet containing the information on the number of chinchillas, foxes, rabbits, raccoons, minks or beavers etc., who had given their petty lives to end up as a coat she was so proud to wear. Speaking of their lives before getting killed, it was hardly any life at all. Living free, these animals, known also for the best sense of smell, move every day around an area of ten square miles. In breeding farms, on the contrary, they live crowded in cages without minimum amount of space and tortured to death by the stench of their own excrements. Such appalling conditions drive them to madness and very often to cannibalism too.

Clientele with higher spending capabilities in Croatia is still less dependent on global trends and more loyal to the, so called, timeless styles which do not speak up unfavorably about fur coats. We don't believe it's the immunity to animal sufferings. We'd rather believe it's the lack of information.

Therefore, performance such as the above mentioned in Zagreb is not the beginning. The campaign started last year when, also in public, Animal Friends activists torched fur coats and attended their funeral.

In addition to billboards in Zagreb and Split with Sophie Ellie Bextor and Goran Visnjic, we are also glad to point out that the interior of public means of transportation in Zagreb has been "decorated" already with the third generation of our posters promoting anti-fur coats fashion styles. Our subsidiaries in several other towns in Croatia will organize similar activities in the nearest future.

The campaign has not been neglected by any major media. No press release was angrily worded, but to our dismay, one of the magazines reputedly serious made obvious fun of our efforts advertising on its pages a furrier shop and quoting some fashion trend followers' statements according to which minks are not wild animals and wearing artificial fur coats has nothing to do with nature friendly behavior.

Knowing how hard it is to change public opinion, Animal Friends in Croatia is ready for future public reminders. Any idea or experience you may have to help us will be appreciated and warmly welcome.

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