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Animal Friends Croatia invites you to dare accept the Veggie Challenge

- Veganuary is an excellent opportunity to make the first positive step and change your life for the better

Veganuary is a popular initiative encouraging people to try out the vegan lifestyle during January. It is a global movement to raise awareness of the ethical, ecological, and health advantages of the vegan lifestyle and diet. During Veganuary, participants choose to explore the world of tasty food free of animal ingredients, encouraged by the support, advice, recipes, and motivational messages by celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Lewis Hamilton, Sara Pascoe, Evanna Lynch, and Chris Packham.

Anyone interested in the free Croatian version of Veganuary, the Veggie Challenge, can apply at www.veganopolis.net. After applying, they will receive a daily e-mail with useful information about the protection of the environment, animals, and health, alongside movie and book recommendations, as well as ideas for tasty plant-based dishes, etc. Part of the information is certainly going to be shocking, however, whatever they receive should be useful and applicable in everyday life. Animal Friends Croatia states that, in addition to all the above, three persons who join the Veggie Challenge by the end of January will win a gift set with a selection of vegan products and a book The Equal Creatures – 100 answers to 100 questions on animal rights.

“It is becoming increasingly easier to live without using animal products we do not need. Going vegan does not mean we have to give up tasty food, textures, smells, or tastes we are used to. Various sausages, hot dogs, hams, schnitzels, burgers, cheeses, ice-creams, milk, yoghurts, and desserts are also available as vegan versions of the products. Practically the only difference between a plant-based sausage and an animal-based sausage is that no one had to die for the sake of the former,” said Animal Friends Croatia’s Vlatka Balaš Cerjak.

She added: “Switching to a vegan diet will not only provide us with better health, more joy and vitality but it will help us join the effort to end climate change, preserve natural resources and food, and save animals every day. Minor changes in what we buy and eat can affect the world immensely, and the world has never been in greater need of as many people as possible starting real change, or at least learning about it and giving it their best.”

Veganuary was started by Jane Land and Matthew Glover in 2014 to inspire others to adopt a vegan lifestyle and reduce their negative impact on the planet. Over the years, it has grown into a global movement with millions of followers across the globe who first decided to try veganism and later adopted it as their lifestyle. Last year, over 629,000 people joined Veganuary, setting a new record. Six months after the challenge ended, 80% of the participants remained vegan or continued to use significantly fewer animal-based products. Every step is precious, and a New Year’s resolution and the Veggie Challenge are a good incentive for a superb start of the year.

Read about reasons for making a vegan new year’s resolution. Check out the recipe for a fantastic new year’s meat-free sarma.

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