05/17/17 Animal Protection Act before the Government

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Historical moment: After more than 10 years, Croatia gets a new animal law

- May 18, at 10 A.M., Markov trg: Animal Friends will support good proposals from the Ministry of Agriculture

After more than 10 years, Croatia has adopted a new Animal Protection Act! The proposal of the law should be passed to the Government on Thursday, May 18th, 2017. Animal Friends activists will arrive at the Government house on Markov trg at 10 o’clock, bringing positive messages to demand an improved, long-expected law for which citizens fought for a number of years already.

Luka Oman, the president of Animal Friends, invites politicians to support this Law - no matter their political leanings or aspirations - for the greater protection of animals. "We emphasize that this Law is in the interest of the Croatian Republic, which defines it as an advanced animal protection country, and this is one of the essential elements by which future generations may evaluate our society as forward or backward. We also expect members of the Government and all parties and parliamentarians to support the new Act."

The head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Minister Tomislav Tolusic, has shown that he values the public’s voice and demands to improve animal protection. After fur farming ban entered into force in January this year, with great enthusism from Croatian and foreign citizens, ban of killing abandoned animals in shelters will mark another historic moment.

Minister Tolusic supported no-kill shelters, claiming that current shelters will adopt a no-kill policy, and has stated that Croatia (as a civilized state) must adopt such a law. He announced further controls of implementation of obligatory dog microchipping and participation of all local communities in the implementation of this Law and its many regulations. These regulations aim to bring improvements and financial savings. The key is the prevention and reducing the rates of animal abandonment, conducting castration programs and active advertising and adoption programs.

The new law would also sanction: sexual intercourse between man and animals, throwing firecrackers on animals, keeping dogs permanently chained, the keeping and use of animals in circuses, and the keeping of wild animals in catering facilities. These are just some of new positive regulations which show that Ministry acknowledged more than 1000 comments from a public discussion during the drafting of this law.

The Animal Friends believe that Croatian society must not remain silent about violence against animals, which in previous years has led to activism and proposals to positively reform legislation. Animal protection is above party interests, and Animal Friends encourages politicians to act for the public good.

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