12/09/17 March on the Occasion of the International Animal Rights Day

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Animal Friends and Victories Association call for marching for a more humane and just world

- Dec 12, 11 A.M.: Mark International Animal Rights Day with a long and loud procession

On the occasion of International Animal Rights Day on Dec 9th, 2017, hundreds of people will march through the center of Zagreb to bring attention to the injustice that happens to animals every day.

The long and loud march will start at 11 A.M. on Trg kralja Tomislava, calling everyone to take a stand for a better, more humane, and just world for all animal species. It will be the call for those who cannot speak for themselves – for all cows, pigs, dogs, chicken, cats, fish and other animal species tortured and killed in the food industry, fashion industry, laboratories, and entertainment industry. In other words, for all animals exploited by humans.

With the support of drummers, many friends of animals will walk with banners, signs, flags and whistles to join their voices into one, demanding the right to life without oppression and slavery as an undeniable right for all.

Participants from Zagreb, Osijek and other Croatian towns will join the march. International support is expected too. The march will start at Trga Kralja Tomislava and follow the route Park Josipa Jurja Strossmayera, Zrinjevac, Teslina, Masarykova, Frankopanska Street and Ilica. After 12 noon the marchers will arrive at Trg bana Jelacica where they will pause before continuing down Jurisiceva Street to their final destination at Trg hrvatskih velikana.

Ivana Crnoja, president of the Victories Association and a co-organizer of this event, says: "The animal rights movement is growing and getting stronger every day all over the world, and in Croatia as well. This march is an opportunity for us all to stand united and show that animals are not property we can use for food, clothing, entertainment or experimentation." Luka Oman, president of Animal Friends, ads: "The marchers will show compassionate life is possible and we believe we will motivate many to join us in the fight for animal rights."

Everyone who wishes to help animals in any way is welcome to join the March for Animals.

Many Croatian celebrities have announced their planned attendance, including Ibrica Jusic, Lucija Serbedzija, Filip Ridicki, Antonija Stanisic, Robert Kurbasa, Igor Barberic, Lida Hamar Paladin, and others.

March for Animals received support from many Croatian and international organizations and parties.

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