05/06/17 Against the transport of suffering by changing your diet

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Over a million signatures collected for the suspension of animal transport for slaughter

- New web page www.whyveg.com/gb within the campaign #StopTheTrucks!

Every year on the roads and seas of the European Union, over a billion live animals are being transported for human consumption. Hungry, thirsty and exhausted, they spend days in overcrowded trucks and boats, during heat waves and snowstorms.

The pan-European organization Eurogroup for Animals, in Croatia presented by Animal Friends, from 2016 within the campaign #StopTheTrucks is pointing out ethical, logistical and legal issues of live animal transport. The campaign has brought to light shocking results concerning the illegal conditions in which animals are being transported, including in the Croatian port of Rasa. The European Parliament has already reacted to this issue by committing itself to a detailed investigation of the violation of EU animal transport regulations. A petition for the suspension of live animal transport among all of the EU has collected more than one million signatures.

Croatia, as the only sea exit for animals from the EU (alongside Slovenian Koper), plays a key role in animal export. From the Rasa port, animals from Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and other countries are being transported mainly to the Middle East. In recent months, Europe has been shocked by footage of animal abuse with sticks and electric shocks in this Istrian port. Furthermore, for Croatia as a tourist destination, it is also a particularly alarming source of sea pollution and danger for human health around Rasa port.

The organization Animals International, in collaboration with Animal Friends, has offered concrete and effective solutions for stopping animal torture in transport. The web page WhyVeg.com/gb offers simple tips for everyone who is willing to stand against animal cruelty and make an easy transition to a plant based diet.

Today we have the power to stop animal cruelty in transport by our choice of diet. In recent years we have witnessed the rapid growth of innovative plant-based products which can completely replace products like meat, milk and eggs, and provide adequate protein, iron, calcium and other key nutrients.

Since every meal reflects our attitude about the world we want to live in, a meatless diet is a way to the more sympathetic, cleaner and healthier world we all hope for.

Visit www.whyveg.com/gb and find out more about your own power to help animals and the environment.

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