12/22/17 Merry Vegan Christmas and a Compassionate New Year!

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Animal Friends, together with Vegan Thugz and Power of the Plants (Snaga bilja) shot delicious video recipes

- Holiday season for all: from seitan roast with mlinci to French salad and poppy seed roll

During the holiday season our tables are always abundant with food which we prepare and eat with special delight. Unfortunately, traditional holiday food contains huge quantities of meat and other animal products, and we can easily neglect and forget that those come from once living creatures that had to be killed to satisfy the human craze for meat. The suffering and pain of animals is not in the spirit of compassion, peace, mercy, wellbeing, and happiness which we invoke in the holiday season.

Therefore, the Animal Friends association, in cooperation with Anita Petrovic from the activist group Vegan Thugz and Mislav Skrepnik from the Facebook Community Power of the Plants (Snaga bilja) is offering a somewhat different, but equally delicious, view of the customary vegan holiday food. In an interesting and dynamic video, the group shows a few delicious recipes that will soon make everyone go hungry and willing to cook.

The tasteful menu shown in the video recipe titled “What do Vegans Eat for Christmas” consists of: bean soup with stars as a starter, seitan roast stuffed with vegetables along with caramelized carrots and Brussels sprouts, mlinci served with mushroom sauce, French salad and poppy seed roll.

"Our video shows how easy it is to make a delicious holiday meal without making any animal suffer. Animals, much as ourselves, are born with the need for love, warmth, playing, and friendship, but instead of giving them all of that, we separate them from their mothers, we cut their beaks, tails and horns, we capture and humiliate them, we cram them by force into trucks and slaughter them. Let's make these holidays merry for the animals as well, and try to cook food without animal ingredients. We wish you a vegan Christmas and a compassionate New Year!" said Anita Petrovic, a great cook and dedicated animal rights activist.

Mislav Skrepnik, a certified fitness instructor and author of the video added: "The human organism does not need meat, milk, eggs and honey. If we have both scientific and living proof we can be not only healthy but also fit and realize all our potential through a vegan way of life, it is time we choose this more compassionate path. It all begins with our decision about we eat, and being vegan today is easy. The holiday season is the perfect time to question our habits and motivate ourselves towards positive changes."

Animal Friends calls upon all to watch the video made in their kitchen, study the recipes, and use the holiday season to make positive changes in eating habits.

Recipes for vegan Christmas lunch

Bean soup [ 1.13 Mb ]French salad [ 879.42 Kb ]Mlinci [ 878.16 Kb ]Mushroom sauce [ 673.82 Kb ]Poppy sead scroll loaf [ 1.16 Mb ]

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