March for the Animals 2018

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When: December 8, 2018, 11 A.M.

Where: Kralja Tomislava Square, Zagreb, Croatia

Let's celebrate International Animal Rights Day together.

On the occasion of International Animal Rights Day on Dec 8th, 2018, hundreds of people will march through the center of Zagreb to bring attention to the injustice that happens to animals every day.

The long and loud march will start at 11 A.M. on Trg kralja Tomislava, calling everyone to take a stand for a better, more humane, and just world for all animal species. It will be the call for those who cannot speak for themselves – for all cows, pigs, dogs, chicken, cats, fish and other animal species tortured and killed in the food industry, fashion industry, laboratories, and entertainment industry. In other words, for all animals exploited by humans.

With the support of drummers, many friends of animals will walk with banners, signs, flags and whistles to join their voices into one, demanding the right to life without oppression and slavery as an undeniable right for all.

Be one of them, JOIN US!

P H O T O G A L L E R Y 2 O 1 8

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