08/22/17 Dog caretakers' responsibility

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Animal Friends' summer campaign against abandonment of animals includes a leaflet on the legal responsibilities

- The leaflet about dogs is intended for cities and municipalities to print out and distribute to the households

Animal Friends offered the local communities a free prepress for printing of the poster in which the model Zvoncica Vuckovic and abandoned dogs from the shelter in Dumovec invite everyone to microchip their dogs and thereby show the responsibility that the dog adoption carries and avoid the 6000 kuna fine.

Animal Friends, in cooperation with the Association of Cities (Udruga gradova), made an informative leaflet on legal obligations of dog caretakers and offered it for free to all cities and municipalities to print it and hand out together with the utility bills.

Among the ones who answered the call, a special praise is reserved for the city of Rijeka, since the citizens received the leaflets in their mailboxes, and the municipalities Gunja and Stupnik which also mailed the leaflets to their fellow citizens. The city of Zagreb printed out the leaflets and is preparing their distribution and the city of Jastrebarsko has transmitted the leaflet to their residents and those living in nearby villages on more than 30 digital info panels.

Despite the praise, the response is exceptionally small and only a few cities and municipalities seized this opportunity to respect a part of their legal responsibilities and warn their citizens about the obligations of every dog caretaker.

Considering that the offer isn't time-limited, Animal Friends repeat their offer to the local communities and use this opportunity to acquaint some of the citizens with the content of the flyer which, together with very useful information, also lists high fines prescribed for the non-observance of the legal obligations.


NON-ABANDONMENT: The Animal protection law prohibits the abandonment of animals. The fine is higher than 10 000 kn.

OBLIGATORY MICROCHIPPING: Microchipping of dogs is obligatory in the Republic of Croatia. The fine for the non-observance of this obligation is up to 6000 kn.

BREEDING CONTROL: The owners' legal obligation is to secure the breeding control of the animals. If the caretaker doesn't want to take care of the unwanted offspring, s/he bears the cost of the care. Spaying/neutering is recommended as a way of breeding control, which is routine veterinary surgery that prevents the birth of the unwanted offspring. The fine for the non-observance of this obligation is more than 10 000 kn.

ALL THE NECESSARY CONDITIONS: The owner must provide all the necessary conditions for house animals, which includes veterinary care. Animal neglect and abuse is punishable by a sum higher than 10 000 kn, and torture and murder by up to a one year prison sentence.

COMMUNAL INSPECTOR’S AUTHORITY: The animal caretaker is obliged to present the proof of microchipping and vaccination of the dog to the communal inspector.

FAECES CLEAN-UP AND THE LEASH: The caretaker has the duty to clean up the faeces left behind by his dog and to keep the animal on a leash, except in the places where the free movement of dogs is allowed.

ADOPTION INSTEAD OF BUYING: By adopting instead of buying you can help a dog and your community. A dog from animal shelter is healthy, vaccinated, microchipped and spayed/neutered.

Be responsible and don't risk high financial fines! Take your dog for vaccination, microchipping and spaying/neutering and keep your city clean and pleasant for living.

If you're a witness of breaking the law, animal neglect or abuse, report those cases to the responsible veterinary inspection and communal inspectors, and in the case of abuse, also to the police.

Be an active participant of the society and protect the animals!

 The responsibility of dog caregivers [ 79.09 Kb ] The responsibility of dog caregivers [ 76.11 Kb ]

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