01/13/20 In order help Koala bears, we need to stop eat meat

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Animal Friends Croatia points to the cause of the mass tragedies and supports protests in Australia

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- Scientists and the UN: A global shift towards veganism is necessary for the fight against climate change

Animal Friends Croatia has said they are deeply disturbed by the devastating wildfires in Australia, which is estimated to have swallowed more than 10.3 million hectares of land and killed more than a billion animals so far, and scientists say the number of animals killed could be in the trillions! "We sympathize with the victims and at the same time are concerned about the announcement by experts that some species will become completely extinct. The entire known world is literally disappearing before our eyes, and human species refuses to accept that it is caused by the large consumption of meat, which consumes huge resources and that the key to the survival of the planet and all species, including humans, is the transition to a vegan diet" warn Animal Friends Croatia.

"All of us who mourn the suffering and death of animals in fires in Australia and the Amazon, rising sea levels, floods and the mass extinction of species need to know that we are not helpless. If we want to save koalas and kangaroos, we stop eating cows, pigs, chickens and other animals. And a koala desperately trying to avoid the fire and the terrified lamb waiting to cut his neck equally feel fear and want to live. Veganism is a revolutionary diet because it can literally save the planet,” Animal Friends Croatia said.

A number of Australian citizens who have walked out in the streets in recent days to protest governmental inaction on climate change believe Australia needs to take stronger measures to address global warming. Experts say they must act immediately and are worried about what the planet will look like when global temperatures rise by another two or three degrees Celsius if these tragedies occur even before that happened. Oxford University research agrees that reducing animal products in the diet is the "single largest way" to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Animal Friends Croatia points out that what we eat plays a huge and crucial role in climate change: “In the last 20 years, the number of humans has increased by almost two billion, the fastest increase in the number of humans on Earth in all of human history. Scientists say 10 billion people are expected to live on the planet by 2050. Many people eat meat every day, many in their daily meals because the taste of meat is more important to them than the animal who wanted to live. For farmed animals, it is necessary to provide large agricultural areas where grain is raised for their consumption instead of for the (hungry) people. That is why deforestation is necessary - to convert forests into pastures or arable land, leaving all the animal species that have been inhabited there, which ultimately leads to their extinction.”

Furthermore, Animal Friends Croatia explains that it is necessary to provide plenty of water for raising so many animals. Also, farm waste, animal feces, and blood end up in the waters where they contaminate it. The production of meat, milk, and eggs causes about 50% of water pollution in Europe and ten times more pollution than populated areas and is a major cause of forest loss in many world regions. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), animal agriculture is a leading cause of climate change. Namely, the ammonia and methane gases coming from the barns, along with the CO2 emissions from the production of nitrogen fertilizers and the destruction of trees to raise animals, cause more damage and contribute to the greenhouse effect than all planes, trucks, ships, cars, and factories in the world combined. The UN says a global shift towards a vegan diet is needed to combat the worst effects of climate change and fires in Australia are just one of them.

Animal Friends Croatia reports that with increasing numbers of humans on Earth and further demand for meat, floods and fires will become more frequent. They conclude that the easiest way to combat unstoppable climate change is to stop eating meat and switch to a vegan diet, as it also prevents the death of animals in fires and slaughterhouses. Each of us holds in our hands the weapons of mass destruction or the tools to save the planet.

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