01/29/20 Throw firecrackers in history!

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Animal Friends announce a gathering in front of the MUP and support the proposal to ban all firecrackers

- January 30th at 11 am, in front of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: banners with strong messages, shocking photos of firecrackers injuries

For the occasion of proposed amendments to the Law on Explosive Substances in which announcement for a complete ban on firecrackers of categories F2 and F3 throughout the year is made, Animal Friends Croatia will gather on Thursday 30 January 2020 at 11 am in front of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Savska Street 39 in Zagreb. They will, with strong messages on banners and poignant photographs of injured humans and animals caused by firecrackers, support the proposal to ban firecrackers, which is under public debate. They will also indicate the illogicality of allowing the use of other pyrotechnics on December 27, 28, 29 and 30, when nothing is celebrated.

"The proposal to ban firecrackers categories F2 and F3 is a move towards greater security for citizens and animals, but we must bear in mind that this is a compromise because they proposed ban on firecrackers only. Unfortunately, all other pyrotechnics from these categories, such as Roman candles, rockets, Bengal torches, fountains, fireworks, etc., are still allowed, ”Animal Friends says. They add that these pyrotechnics are noisy and dangerous and pose a danger to the health and safety of users and observers.

The Government also supported the legal proposal to ban firecrackers of categories F2 and F3, and states: "The Government is aware of the problem of misuse of pyrotechnic devices and the related suffering of humans, especially children, but also of animals." So far, seven ministries have supported the ban on firecrackers: science and education, tourism, health, economy, entrepreneurship and crafts, agriculture, environment and energy, and Croatian veterans.

"The banning of firecrackers throughout the year will certainly reduce the use of firecrackers as police will be able to respond and seize illegal firecrackers to those who encounter them since they will be banned throughout the year. Before the ban on the sale and use of firecrackers was lifted, there was a black market, but overall there were significantly fewer firecrackers fired, negligible compared to the quantities imported and used in Croatia today,” the organization said. They also recall from the ministry in charge that the ban would be easy to implement and that there were no concerns about the possibility of a black market for firecrackers.

"The public interest should be paramount, namely human health, the environment, and animal welfare," said Animal Friends. They believe that importers of firecrackers are not dependent on a few days' licenses to sell and that they need to find a lasting way of earning money, one that does not cause injury to humans and animals, environmental pollution and disturbance of law and order. Only a legal ban on firecrackers by the Ministry will bring greater results. It is currently very difficult to promote peaceful holidays without firecrackers, while their sale and use are allowed.

Firecrackers are not a tradition in Croatia and should not be promoted. The distribution of firecrackers and similar pyrotechnics is detrimental to all, and it is important to take into account: the costs of treating injured people and animals; support for people who are partially disabled because they have lost their fingers, hands or eyes; compensation for material damage caused by the fire; the cost of firefighters, police, and ambulance; disposal of waste generated by the use of pyrotechnics and the like.

"Banning firecrackers will result in fewer scared, injured and dead animals and injured children, less pollution, less need for intervention, less war atmosphere, more peace and an opportunity to celebrate the holiday without fear and stress," Animal Friends Croatia concluded.

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