04/02/20 Stay home and try Vegan Challenge

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Animal Friends have a solution to make everyday life interesting during the coronavirus pandemic

- Vegan Challenge: 30 days, loads of information, movies, recipes, books, lectures on veganism

Animal Friends know how to overcome the coronavirus pandemic forcing us to stay home in a wiser, more interesting and educational way. They invite everyone to fill out the Vegan Challenge application form at www.veganopolis.net. "Through the Vegan Challenge, during the next 30 days, you can learn a lot about veganism, animal rights, plant-based foods, the negative impact of breeding and eating animals on the environment and health, about sustainable living and why it is important to become vegan now. Plenty of films, lectures and literature will explain how plant-based nutrition affects animals, the environment, your own health, and world hunger, and with daily recipes and guidelines for preparing delicious, healthy and simple vegan meals, you will want to spend more time in the kitchen", Animal Friends said.

The Vegan Challenge was launched in 2014, at the same time as its foreign version - Veganuary, and every day these challenges help thousands of people around the world who have decided to do the right thing and to open their mind to veganism. "This year, the number of applications to the Vegan Challenge has quadrupled compared to last year, which shows how much more sensible and aware people are of the changes that are happening to us that we can certainly influence," said Animal Friends. They believe that there is no better time to sign up to the Vegan Challenge and adopt veganism than the current situation of being forced to stay in our homes, eat healthy and well, and think about the consequences of poor eating habits that cause the suffering and death of over 70 billion animals a year, irreversibly pollute and destroy water, air, and soil, cause climate change whose consequences we all suffer and cause severe, serious and long-lasting diseases, as well as the creation of new, more resistant pathogens and infections.

"The Vegan Challenge is much more than a challenge. It is a guide on how to live an ethical and non-violent lifestyle where we save and protect animals, care for our own health and the future of our children, fight climate change and planet pollution, stand up for a world where we respect and value each other and create extraordinary changes for conservation and improving the quality of life of all beings on the planet”, the organization concluded. They add that, to encourage as many people as possible to sign up for the Vegan Challenge, they recommend listening to an inspiring, educational lecture by American animal rights activist Gary Yourofsky, which can be viewed on the Animal Friends YouTube channel HERE.

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world," is the famous statement by Mahatma Gandhi, and the value of that statement has never been greater and more significant than it is today, Animal Friends say. They believe that the boldness of accepting the Vegan Challenge makes this change possible.

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