06/12/20 Transport of live animals - horror on the roads

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Animal Friends point out that due to the Covid-19 virus, a ban on the transport of live animals is necessary now more than ever

- June 14th marks the International Day for the Prohibition of the Transport of Live Animals; shocking video

Animal Friends on the occasion of the International Day for the Prohibition of the Transport of Live Animals, which is marked on June 14th, points to the daily cruelty and death of animals in transport. Everything that happens in the transport of live animals is reminiscent of horror movies - from rough boarding using electric shocks, intense suffering during transport to cutting necks in slaughterhouses. During transport by trucks, ships and planes from one country to another, animals suffer from hunger and thirst and are exposed to various weather conditions and overcrowding.

Helpless and terrified, they often spend 48 or even 72 hours in trucks. After one day spent in the truck, they are terribly exhausted and therefore more susceptible to infections and diseases. During transport in winter, cold and winds lead to serious colds, frostbite and freezing of body parts, and during summer the sun and unbearable heat, temperature inside the trucks rising to more than 40 ° C, contribute to dehydration. Some die before arriving at the destination or arrive with broken limbs and other injuries.

Every year, more than two million cattle and sheep are exported from the European Union, by sea or land, to Turkey, North Africa and the Middle East. Exports of live animals from the European Union to other countries are unethical and horrific. Unfortunately, Croatia has no way to close the infamous port of Raša, from which, despite efforts to stay out of the public eye, horrific scenes of the consequences of the transport of animals that go to the shame of the entire European community regularly arrive. Animal Friends association, as part of the international organization Eurogroup for Animals, advocates that the European Commission acts decisively and completely bans the practice of transporting live animals in the member states.

They point out that farms, slaughterhouses, markets, trucks, planes or ships, ie places where numerous animals are gathered, raised and transported, are ideal for the spread of infections and the development of new infectious diseases including Covid-19, SARS, MERS, cow madness, swine and bird flu and many others. There has been a struggle around the world for decades to stop the torturing of animals by transport, and the current pandemic provides an additional reason to enact a clear legal ban on the transport of live animals.

Animal Friends emphasize that the most effective and simplest way to stop suffering and cruelty to animals in transport is to stop eating meat, that is, to choose plant foods instead of animal-derived ones. They invite everyone to gather courage on the occasion of the International Day for the Prohibition of the Transport of Live Animals and watch only a fraction of the suffering that animals go through every day in transport at www.youtube.com/afcroatia.

More information on the transport of live animals and how to help them can be found HERE.

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