07/20/20 Top ten books and films about veganism for your holiday

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Animal Friends Croatia recommends what to read and watch during summer for education and positive changes

- Rewarded and provocative titles, actual themes, strong messages, celebrities from films, music and sports…

As health diet is a pre-condition for good immunity, which again is the most important when defending us from diseases and pandemics, Animal Friends Croatia suggests us to use our summer vacations to learn and adopt something new. „Despite importance of our diet for our health and welfare of the animals and the planet, and despite the fact that source of pandemics lies in meat, there are no any education about vegan diet and veganism in general in our schools“ – as stated from the Organisation. Therefore they recommend to everyone who would like to adopt positive changes and probably the best decision of their lives, to dedicate their free time this summer, to the best books and movies about veganism.

„Veganism is based on the concept of elimination specism, which presents discrimination on the basis of species, therefore one of the first books that might need to be read is ‘Specism’. Closely by its side there is also a book „Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows“ where readers may get familiar with the term „carnism“; the invisible system of beliefs which encourage us for some animal species to consider as friends, while we eat another.

All that wish to be informed about health benefits of plant-based diet will find answers in world best seller ‘Chinese study“ and a newer book „How not to die“ – as recommended by AFC. Books listed may be found in city libraries, as well as within the majority of libraries throughout Croatia or they may be borrowed within the office of Animals' Friends whilst some of them are available as internet issues on www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr.

For those less fond of books, AFC singles out some of many documentaries, as well as regular films about veganism. „It is absolutely unavoidable this strong and multiple rewarded documentary about the callous and completely insensitive people's behaviour towards animals and cruelty of industries which are based on their exploitation; „Earthlings“ from 2005. Original music is signed by musitian and activist Moby, while narrator in film is an Oscar winner and activist Joaquin Phoenix which later has stated: ‘Of all the movies I have ever filmed, this is the one that people talk most about. Each person that sees and watched Earthlings will say to three persons more.“ The suffer of animals in breeding industries is also pointed to by movies ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ from 2017 and ‘Dominion’ from 2018.”

AFC address also to movies that reveal a connection between breeding and eating animals with planet and health: ‘Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret’ from 2014.shows us how harmful impact to the environment animal breeding for food has. Some of the movies whose goal is to show adversity of ingredients of animal products to the human health and show all the advantages of plant based diet are: ‘Forks Over Knives’, ‘Eating You Alive’, ‘What the Health’ and ‘The Game Changers’ from 2019 where James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton and Novak Đoković present just some of the famous producers of this impressive documentary that speaks how a positive change in the society can be implemented easily. Movies that directly speak about veganism or meet its idea are: ‘Carnage: Swallowing the Past’ and ‘Okja’ from 2017.”

So use your summer for your education and choose some of literature or movie titles that will bring to you other perspective and views to actual, but to the majority often invisible subjects. „Reading and watching those literary and film works may have a positive change to the present and the future of ourselves, other animals and the planet“ – as concluded by AFC.
Here is a list of the best books and documentaries acording to them:



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