10/01/03 Animal Friends Days

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From October 1 to October 4, Animal Friends Days will be held

Animal friends for animals!

On the occasion of World Vegetarianism Day, World Farm Animals Day, World Laboratory Animals Day and World Animal Welfare Day, Animal Friends is organizing:

10/01/2003 WORLD VEGETARIANISM DAY (handing out soy medallions with recipes at 12 noon)

Because they are aware of the advantages vegetarian nutrition has for the animals, humans and the environment, every day more end more people are turning to vegetarian nutrition, out of ethical, ecological and health reasons.

10/02/2003 WORLD FARM ANIMALS DAY (at 12 noon, handing out vegan sandwiches)

Farm animals in so called animal factories are destined to suffer and live in the most inhuman conditions that can, without a doubt, be compared with concentration camps. Hell of meat industry is all they see in their lifetime, before slaughtering which often happens without the stunning beforehand.

10/03/2003 WORLD LABORATORY ANIMALS DAY (at 12 noon, handing out cosmetics that are not tested on animals)

Even the scientists today agree that vivisection is completely unnecessary and useless. Still, because of profit, millions of animals are exposed to horrific pain and crippling in numerous highly protected laboratories hidden from the public eyes.

10/04/2003 WORLD ANIMAL PROTECTION DAY (at 6 P.M. in club Mama, Preradoviceva 18, a debate and a short movie "(K)ein Herz für Lucie" will be held )

Cruelty on animals is present in every aspect of human activity. They are being persecuted, confined, exhausted, desperate; more and more people are aware that they need protection from human oppression.

Every day from Wednesday till Saturday on Starcevic square an informative stand will be held by Animal Friends activists from 11 A.M. till 5 P.M., where people will be able to get information on suffering of animals through pamphlets, info panel, presentations and petitions.

There, they will also be able to get information on the contest for the best essay on "How do I understand animal protection" that is organized by Animal Friends and the Bulgarian organization Intimate With Narure Society. All the information on this contest can also be found at www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr.

A film by the Verein gegen Tierfabriken organization "(K)ein Herz für Lucie" about the industrial breeding of pigs in Austria will be shown as a part of the campaign organized in co-operation with FARM Sabina Fund (www.farmusa.org).

Besides in Zagreb, Animal Friends Days will be held in other Croatian cities as well.

We are sending out this invitation today, on the World Heart Day, when people all over the world are warned about heart diseases, caused primarily by irregular nutrition based on meat and animal fat.




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