02/12/21 A feast for the mouth and eyes: Romantic Valentine's Day with vegan desserts!

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Animal Friends advises how to celebrate a compassionate Valentine’s Day

- Moving away from animal husbandry: UN supports call for global transition to plant nutrition

Although the upcoming Valentine’s Day is a largely commercialized holiday, Animal Friends Croatia says this date is an opportunity for everyone to show love for themselves, their neighbors, animals, and the planet through compassionate choices. "Partners or family members who care about animals can be surprised for Valentine's Day by donating an animal shelter or a non-profit organization on their behalf, planting a tree, melting their hearts with a trip to an animal shelter or preparing a vegan lunch," the Association suggests.

They state that the holiday of love is a great occasion to prepare delicious vegan dishes whose recipes they bring, such as spaghetti lentils made of lentils with beets and tempting desserts like muffin hearts and coconut love cake.

The vegan diet is conquering not only the menus of lovers but the whole world. Thus, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and Compassion in World Farming supported a report released this month by the international think tank Chatham House, which called for a comprehensive reform of the global food system, especially the move away from animal husbandry to preserve diversity. The report's findings were presented during a virtual event last week attended by a number of environmental advocates including legendary primatologist Jane Goodall, who said: For ethical reasons, cultivation should be phased out as soon as possible. ”

Therefore, the ideal gift for Valentine's Day is the one for which no one was hurt. Animal Friends points out that luckily at every turn we can find completely vegan chocolates and other sweets, but also cosmetics that have not been tested on animals and clothing items without silk, leather and fur. "When buying, pay attention to the so-called. A V-label with which you will be one hundred percent sure that the product is vegan. Instead of cut flowers, donate them in a jar, and make sure that the wrapping packaging does not contribute to the accumulation of waste”, are just some of the tips for the ethical and ecological celebration of Valentine's Day.

After enjoying selected vegan dishes, Animal Friends suggests relaxation with the documentary "VEGAN 2020", an excellent and exciting review of the previous year, which links the risk of a new pandemic and antibiotic resistance with an animal agriculture. Inform yourselves on the positive impact veganism has on animal welfare, human health and the planet. Arm yourself with popcorn and enjoy!

Heart shaped muffins _ Nikolina Badrov [ 146.12 Kb ]Coconut love cake [ 149.19 Kb ]

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