02/26/21 National campaign for Croatia without chained dogs

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A legal ban is demanded, a petition 'Let's ban the chain' has been launched

- Join us and give your vote to a total ban on keeping dogs on a chain

If it weren't for the horrifying photos that went viral on social networks, and by which the majority of the Croatian population was horrified, with scenes of gaping wounds of dogs removed from chains in earthquake-stricken areas and painful stories of volunteers rescuing them, there might not be so much interest in the campaign launched by the three largest animal protection associations in Croatia, whose daily reality is filled with rescuing dogs that have experienced the chain trauma.

Animal Friends Croatia, the Shelter Friends of akovec, Victory Association, and other members of the Animal Protection Network are calling for an urgent amendment to the existing Animal Protection Act by introducing a complete ban on keeping dogs chained.

"We are calling a dog man's best friend, and yet we condemn them to slavery, to live within a radius of a few meters. Those who by nature love freedom more than people, whose nature is to run, sniff, explore, have been tied for 10, 15 years to the same chain for what? So that they die in the same mud like Bobby, the dog from the Petrinja area, who was dying in agony for days until he was saved by volunteers in order to die in warmth and with a human touch and comfort.” This is not only what the activists of the Shelter Friends of akovec say, but also feel, who were from the very beginning, along with many other associations, on the ground and rescuing injured dogs.

The Victory Association, which runs the Osijek dog shelter, has the same experience, finding itself in a similar situation in Posavina, rescuing dogs from flooded areas. "It is unthinkable how cruel people can be to those we call man's best friends. Even today, seven years later, it is difficult to live with the scenes that filled those days: dead dogs that nobody even released from the chains when the Sava started to rise. And today, precisely because of those dogs that did not even have a chance to save themselves, we are part of this campaign, for all those who are in their place today! Every life, no matter how small it is for us, is big for the one who lives it and we want to fight for every life! ” claims the organization.

Animal Friends Croatia, which has been working on amendments to the Act for years, is clear that the Animal Protection Act must be changed and that keeping dogs on chains must be completely banned: “Since 2005, we have been fighting for a complete ban on keeping dogs chained. We believe that no one who cannot provide the conditions to care for a dog should even have a dog. Keeping dogs on a chain is shameful and unacceptable.”

These three associations, with the support of all associations of the Animal Welfare Network, as well as the vast majority of citizens, institutions, and people from public life want to change; they want to save thousands and thousands of animals currently tortured, but also those who are not born yet. They were supported in this by a company known for its socially engaged work, which dedicated its spring campaign "You need to know how to cut", presented on more than 350 billboards, to the wish that no dog should live on a chain any more.

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