03/31/21 No eggs and ham - try vegan Easter!

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Animal Friends Croatia are calling on a different Easter celebration

- Vegan Easter dishes, wooden eggs instead of chickens', do not buy chicks and rabbits for fun

The Easter holidays are a time when eggs are ruthlessly consumed, and few people think about where they come from and what price animals, the environment and, ultimately, our health pay for it. Therefore, Animal Friends Croatia says that ham, scrambled eggs, pint, grinders, French salad, as well as various cakes and other traditional dishes, can be made without any ingredients of animal origin, and in addition to being much healthier for our body, their choice saves many animals and at the same time we pollute less.

"More than 50 million tons of eggs are produced in the world every year, although we do not need these cholesterol bombs and potential salmonella carriers in our diet at all," says Animal Friends Croatia. They invite everyone to celebrate this Easter sympathetically: “Do not buy hen eggs for coloring, but plastic or wooden ones that are more durable, beautiful, and more permanent. Don’t buy rabbits or chickens as entertainment for children because animals are not toys, and if you want to help and if you have the conditions, prefer to adopt an abandoned animal. Prepare delicious meals without eggs and meat for Easter and directly help animals, the environment, and your health with your choices.”

The Association reminds that today's raising of chickens for eggs is possible only because of the technology that exploits animals to the maximum and because of human ruthlessness. The chicks never see the mother and do not grow up next to her, but are born in hatcheries. Newborn male chickens in Croatia are ground live, and elsewhere in the world, they are killed by suffocation because they are not useful in the egg industry. The chickens' beaks are mechanically cut off, after which many die so that the hens do not peck and injure each other due to the terrible housing conditions. To encourage a new period of egg-laying, hens are shocked by a one-week denial of food, water and light, resulting in feather loss and stress. As they are forced to produce huge amounts of eggs, their bones become brittle due to the lack of calcium that is taken away from the body during egg production. They suffer from diseases and behavioral disorders due to horrible living conditions and are given antibiotics and various hormones in order to be kept alive.

"After 12-14 months, completely exhausted and worn-out chickens are hanged upside down and their necks are cut in slaughterhouses. Their meat is used for soups, cat and dog food and fertilizer. The average lifespan of a hen in the egg industry is a year and a half, while an unused hen can live up to 25 years. We can stop this suffering by preparing pancakes, mayonnaise, biscuits, cream cakes such as cream cheese, breading mixes and other dishes without eggs or with egg substitutes," suggests Animal Friends Croatia.

They conclude that we do not need eggs in our diet and that Easter can be celebrated with foods and dishes of plant origin such as roasting seitan, French salad with vegetable mayonnaise and an eggless cake. More information on veganism and an application form for the Veggie Challenge can be found HERE.

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