05/04/21 Shelters in Čakovec, Našice and Osijek: Love is not to be bought

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The Animal Welfare Network organizes a virtual walk through the shelters to promote the adoption of animals

- 5th of May at 7 pm, FB page of the Network: Mirna Dvoršćak hosting live in three popular shelters

The Animal Protection Network, a project of the Animal Friends Croatia Association that brings together more than 50 associations in the Republic of Croatia, is organizing a dynamic online event as part of the "Love is not bought" campaign. On Wednesday, May 5, 2021, starting at 7 pm on the Facebook page of the Animal Protection Network, journalist and editor and animal lover Mirna Dvoršćak will present three Croatian shelters whose valuable and notable work contributes to the popularization of foster care and responsible animal care.

Representatives of the Shelter Friends from Čakovec, Farm Shelter and Shelter Victory from Našice from Osijek through a spontaneous, informal conversation with the moderator Mirna will bring viewers closer to their daily lives with sheltered animals and show why adoption is the noblest option. In the live broadcast, they will pass through their shelters and present the irresistible muzzles that await their home.

"We want to sensitize the public on why it is important that people do not buy animals, but adopt them and present some of the shelters that are an example to everyone of how to take good care of abandoned animals. The associations that run the shelters know very well that you cannot buy love because they have saved and adopted tens of thousands of dogs so far”, says the Animal Welfare Network. They state very encouraging reasons for adoption: you will take care of an animal that has been provided with veterinary care, has been neutered and microchipped; you can find dogs of various ages, sizes, colors and characteristics; you will do a selfless humane act and receive unconditional love and gratitude.

Lucija Baraban, a member of the Association Victorius that runs the Osijek's Asylum in Nemetin, will show how the diligent hands of volunteers and Asylum employees try to improve the everyday life of abandoned four-legged animals whose number rarely drops below 200. Their asylum, a favorite throughout Croatia, was a great inspiration for Ivana Varkonja, the head of the Farm, which was established for the purpose of caring for and adopting abandoned, abused, and wounded animals and promoting their rights. They work hard on this and not only strive to provide abandoned or discarded animals with a better standard of living and health care until a suitable foster parent is found for them, but they are also a permanent refuge for many rescued animals from farms.

Monika Hudin, vice president of the ZEU Friends of Animals and Nature and the Friends shelter in Čakovec, will talk about the importance of the Shelter as a leading non-profit organization for the care and adoption of abandoned animals in Međimurje County. Through their active work, they promote the rights of animals, encourage their protection and care and take care of a large number of abandoned dogs. In addition to promoting adoption, they educate citizens to treat animals with compassion, humanity and responsibility.

The Animal Welfare Network is urging citizens not to abandon animals, to adopt dogs and cats instead of buying them and to behave responsibly in order to help shelters so they could successfully adopt abandoned animals. They invite everyone to take a virtual walk through our three shelters on 5th of May 2021 at 7 pm on the Facebook Network www.facebook.com/mreza.za.zastitu.zivotinja. They might fall in love with some cute puppy eyes and sweet snouts enough to motivate them to provide a home to some of them.

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