01/06/04 Fur - Fashion of Cruelty and Disgrace

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Animal Friends' reaction to glorification of fur

Even though fur is the remain of prehistoric age because it used to protect primitive people from cold, new fashion trends seem to confirm that fashion hasn't evolved since then. It is proved once again this winter, not only by women in fur coats, but also by media that glorify the fashion of bloody animal corpses and cold women's hearts.

In daily newspapers Vecernji list (1/3/2004) Ana Ledvaj in her article "Fur Warms up Best," points out that, according to fashion critics, fur is "women's clothes best friend." The title of article is compatible with statement of Vlatka Pokos, who is supposed to be Croatian fashion icon, and other selfish "ladies," who need fur to give them elegance, because they could not achieve it in other ways. Without skinned animals they wouldn't be erotic, sexy, feminine and trendy, because the author of the article gives exactly those attributes to women who wear fur garments.

That reporter claims that supporters of faux fur are as hypocritical as vegetarians who eat soy burgers, and "sprayers" of fur are fanatics who see only one side of truth. While she promotes unreasonable killing of animals for fur industry, she should question the basis of her own truth - temporary fashion trends dictate cruelty in the name of beauty. Do our most elegant Croatian women ever wonder how do victims of their status symbols live, or how many animals does it take to make one fur coat? Did they ever see filthy, narrow cages where future fur garments live their lives? Would they still think of fur as friend of women's fashion if they ever saw the slaughter of animals by neck snapping, clamps attached to animals' lips while rods are inserted into their anuses and are then very painfully electrocuted, gassing, injections of poison in the heart or trapping in the wild?

Many celebrities worldwide, like Pink, Stella McCartney, Kim Basinger, Joaquin Phoenix, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Goran Visnjic and many others condemn fur as barbarism, but in Croatia we once again row against the current and shamelessly promote fur as synonym for elegance. Media are responsible for presenting objective information to the public, so before they start glorifying animal fur on ladies' bodies, they should take a look at fur "ranches" and see "the beauty" of fur fashion creation, and get some information about ecological damages caused by fur production and manufacturing.

Animal Friends condemns unnecessary and cruel slaughter of animals in the name of fashion, and we ask media to condemn the cruelty of wearing fur. To show what they think of so-called ladies whose fur coats hide their cold hearts, the next week our activists will organize action and show that true warmth comes from ourselves, our right statements and points of view, and not from the remains of slaughtered animals we wear.



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