06/25/21 The Vaccine Won't Help Them

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Animal Friends Croatia announce the "Skip the Zoo" campaign

- On www.zaobidi.net you can support our newest campaign that will not leave anyone indifferent

It is a time of pandemic, isolation, and thus the vaccines that should get us out of what we consider "captivity." "But the vaccine won’t help animals in zoos to escape captivity," assert Animal Friends Croatia, who are working with the agency Spellcaster to announce the “Skip the Zoo” campaign. “Our goal is for billboards to appear in Croatia which will not leave anyone indifferent, and for that we need help. Every kuna is precious and contributes to the goal and helps the animals. Therefore, we invite everyone to join us in creating a campaign, on which more information can be found at www.zaobidi.net", the Association calls.

"Fear, anxiety, loneliness, boredom, stress... It is easy to remember all the negative feelings that overwhelmed us when the lockdown was in full effect. Therefore, this is a unique opportunity to try to put ourselves in the position of those who will never experience freedom because they were born and they will die in captivity”, Animal Friends Croatia emphasize. They believe that we can now, more than ever, understand what “prison” or “isolation” means and find out the real truth about zoos.

It has been scientifically proven that animals in captivity suffer from zoochosis, depression, boredom and various abnormal repetitive behaviors such as: pacing back and forth, nodding their heads, excessive grooming, vomiting, swaying, persistent repetition of steps, sitting still or biting themselves. In addition to disrupting the animal’s health, the idea of keeping wild animals in zoos entails additional suffering - hyperproduction, killing, resale and further torture of new generations of innocent prisoners.

The Association explains that just as it would not be natural for us to live in an elevator, no matter how comfortable it would be, and even if there was food in it, animals are not destined to live in cramped spaces where everything that makes life valuable is taken away from them: freedom and the ability to choose how they will spend their lives, even when those lives are not always easy.

"Animal zoos are permanent isolation that does not stop with vaccinations or the abolition of pandemic safety measures. For them, even after the end of the pandemic, everything will remain as it was. In reality, these are horrible places for conscious beings who want freedom just as much as we do, and they do not serve any educational purposes. Each of us needs to know about the dark side of the zoos and all the pain and suffering of exploited animals that thus become pale shadows of themselves”, the Association says.

They remind that research confirms that zoos promote in visitors neither a change of attitude nor an interest in preserving animals. "With the posters, for the realization of which every donation means a lot to us, we want to encourage thinking and re-examining what is presented to us as 'normal'. We appeal to everyone to decide to be the voice of the innocent behind bars, to support the campaign on www.zaobidi.net and to skip the zoo themselves", Animal Friends Croatia says.

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