08/11/21 Instead of calories, we are counting saved lives

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Marie Wasler and Natasa Rajcevic have joined Igor Breberic in a call to veganism

Nice messages on billboards: together in 21 years of veganism saved 7665 lives

Igor Barberic is the author of the whole concept of the latest visuals of posters of the Animal Friends Croatia Association, in which he invites going vegan in a sympathetic and at the same time educational way. Food bloggers Marie Wasler and Nataša Rajcevic also joined him in the noble campaign.

Marie Wasler, Austrian-born, who has been living in Croatia for seven years, regularly shows on social media and on her website that vegan cuisine can be really tasty and creative. Marie became a vegan four years ago and that, as she points out, is the best decision she has made.

"I opted for veganism after painfully admitting to myself that I don't live up to my values - and two of my greatest life values are the love of animals and care for the environment. Although I was initially afraid that the transition to a plant-based diet would be difficult for me, I soon became convinced otherwise and four years have passed since then, and my food has never been more fun, tastier and healthier. Deciding on veganism and living such a lifestyle is really not difficult and will greatly contribute to a better tomorrow. "Not only for animals but also for us," she said.

Natasa Rajcevic runs a popular profile on Instagram, Bourbon and Blueberries, where everyone can find recipes for many colorful and picturesque dishes. She especially likes exploring exotic, somewhat unfamiliar dishes and flavors, but often returns to old, traditional Dalmatian dishes in vegan style.

Natasa became a vegan six years ago, and as a reason for choosing a compassionate lifestyle, she states: “There is a reason for veganism that no one can dispute. I feel I have no right to take away the life, freedom and dignity of another creature just because I love their taste. I am aware of the health and environmental problems that the consumption of animal products brings, but for me, this ethical reason has always remained by far the most important. I do not want and must not be the cause of pain for other living beings."

Igor Barberic is proud of the fact that all three have saved 7665 lives in the 21 years of veganism: “I hope that the messages on posters and the information that Marie, Natasa and I show will not leave anyone indifferent. It is extremely inspiring to see how much can be achieved by individuals during their various years of veganism. It would be wonderful if the numbers on the posters would really encourage many to make positive changes and if they would rather start counting the lives saved, the amount of water and the forest area saved instead of calories."

Animal Friends Croatia invites everyone to try the Vega Challenge at www.veganopolis.net, and various vegan dishes and products can be found at the 13th ZeGeVege Festival, which will be held on Zagreb's Ban Jelačić Square on September 3rd and 4th of 2021.

A 'thank you' goes out to photographer Ana Mihalic, make-up artist Arwen Makeup Artist, Omnibus Studio and all the others who contributed to the creation of the visual "Instead of calories, count saved lives".

Igor, Nataša and Marie [ 94.65 Kb ]Nataša and Marie [ 114.23 Kb ]

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