11/24/21 A season of bloody courtyards and shameful tradition

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Every last weekend in November is marked by the beginning of the "slaughter season" in Croatia. The smell of alcohol fumes is already slowly spreading in the village yards, troughs are being taken out, knives are being sharpened and shirt sleeves are being rolled up.

In every house is known in advance exactly who will pull out and overcome the frightened pig, who will stab the animal with the knife, who will wash the intestines and who will drink too much. Unbearable cries and squealings will soon be heard from various courtyards, traces of the unfortunate animals' resistance will be seen in the ground, and puddles of blood will melt the frozen earth.

"Pig slaughter is an example of the worst violence against animals and the abuse of intelligent, curious and sensitive animals who are not guilty of any crime but victims of human depravity, barbaric habits and primitivism", explained Animal Friends.

We are appalled by the mass traditional slaughter and violence against dogs at the Yulin Festival or the mass killing of dolphins in the Faroe Islands, yet we fail to see the same violence in Croatia when animals that are proven superior to dogs in their intelligence, sociability and ability to empathize and emotionally attach, are slaughtered and hung upside down. But slaughter is always slaughter, and suffering is always suffering, whether it is a dog, a dolphin, a pig, a man, or some other animal. Slaughter is not an opportunity to celebrate, but a disgusting custom we should be ashamed of”, said Animal Friends, who have been fighting for 20 years to ban the tradition of torturing and slaughtering animals in rural backyards.

One and a half million pigs will be brutally slaughtered this winter, but the Palčica pig from Slavonski Brod town is not one of them. Palčica was saved from certain death by volunteer Darija Debeljak from the association Veselo dvorište (Happy courtyard). As she was too weak and too tiny to survive on the farm, she was given a nice name to which she learned to respond after only a few days of living with people. "Palčica lives with dogs, cats and other species, agrees with everyone, likes to be tucked in, loves the warmth of home, scratching her belly, nibbling my ear and eating vegetables. She has her daily routines, transporter and walking harness, her place in the house. "She melts all hearts with the look of her big black eyes, she is beautiful and I think she is the best spokesperson for the Don't Eat Me Ministry", laughs Darija and adds: "I am happy to have the opportunity to get to know this beautiful kind, which unfortunately usually ends up on our plates."

"Palčica has everything that her siblings, trapped in farms and slaughterhouses, can't even dream of. Thanks to Daria, she fought for her life and her only mission is to win empathy and draw out the good of people because all of us somewhere in our souls, despite being taught differently, support a more beautiful and more just world for all beings. In that world, we do not slaughter, cut, or kill weaker than ourselves, but we take care of them and protect them. The fact that we shield small children from the scenes of slaughterhouses and slaughter in general also speaks volumes.", concludes the Animal Friends Association.

They add that if Palčica could talk, she would certainly say that the custom of slaughter is a disgrace to civilization and would invite everyone to try affordable and delicious plant-based substitutes for meat, sausages, salami instead of products made from slaughtered pigs.

Animal Friends invites meat lovers to start embracing the "slaughter-free" traditions with excellent soybean cracklings, Stella's sausages and other delicious dishes. You can find the recipes HERE.

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