12/03/21 The future is hunt-free

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- International Day against Hunting gives us a chance to condemn the act of killing animals for fun

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On the International Day against Hunting (December 3rd), Animal Friends Croatia Association would like to remind us of the fact that behind every hunt there is a tortured, terrified, murdered animal that somebody shot cowardly from ambush, or an animal fallen to a trap, likely to slowly die in suffering. Animal Friends Croatia points out that thousands of protected birds and other animals die every year due to hunting and poaching.

The Association adds that hunting is promoted as a trophy, tourism, sport and an attraction. “Excitement over the committed violence, poaching, breeding of the so-called hunting game and their release into the wild and the settlement of species, bringing in foreign hunters” - all this is related to hunting. Today, in the 21st century, hunting animals is barbaric and inhumane. The passion of taking the life of another being is the essence of hunting, therefore violence is woven into it and that is why hunting is ethically unacceptable ", Animal Friends emphasizes.

Environmental biologists say that hunting, after industrial breeding, is the second biggest enemy of the animal species. Also, environmental studies based on field research have shown that animals have an internal mechanism for regulating population growth, which is not achieved by hunting. If the population is threatened with overpopulation, the birth rate decreases. In those parts of Europe where hunting is banned, such as Italy's national parks, the Swiss National Park and the Greek island of Tilos, no overpopulation has ever been identified. In almost all other countries of the world, hunting is prohibited in areas where nature is specially protected, and even there has been no excessive population growth.

Animal Friends believes that the notion of hunting must not remain untouchable: “Hunting has done great damage to nature, somewhere even irreparable. There is no justification for not immediately banning the promotion of hunting as tourism or sport, and the same goes for trophy hunting, which also should be banned immediately. This would lead to a further re-examination of the harmfulness of hunting. Hunting is shooting at animals, killing living beings, not culling and preserving nature”. "A photo of a bear killed two days ago on the island of Krk, crucified and exposed to the pride of the one who killed it, and obviously enjoyed it, a ride with a killed animal with deliberately gaping mouth and bound paws, which failed to defend itself from a hunting rifle, clearly shows what hunting is and what kind of messages to the world are coming from Croatia ", Animal Friends strongly stated.

They say that the future lies in the promotion of ecotourism and the act of "hunting" animals with cameras, not rifles, which is an increasingly common practice in the rest of the world. In this type of tourism, there are great potentials - new jobs, a large inflow of money from foreign and domestic tourists, but also an opportunity of getting to know, and reconnect with nature. That is true protection of the environment and an approach to animals that will no longer hang from the walls as trophies, but rather live their own lives, free and unharmed.

You can read more about hunting here.

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