01/27/22 Reduce Your Bigfoot Carbon Footprint!

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Igor Barberić lends his voice to Bigfoot in a short animation calling for the Veggie challenge

- Interesting cooperation between Igor Barberić and Animal Friends Croatia on the occasion of Veganuary

In the short animation “Reduce Your Bigfoot Carbon Footprint!”, Igor Barberić, choreographer, director and a familiar face from television, as well as the Animal Friends Croatia ambassador for the Veggie Challenge, lends his voice to the endearing mythical character Bigfoot, urging the public to become Vegan.

The Bigfoot story is a known legend, however, the fight against climate change is very much real and frightening. Going vegan instead of eating animal products is the best way for each of us to reduce our carbon footprint, while at the same time being beneficial to our health and saving animal lives. Therefore, many organizations around the world have dedicated the month of January to encourage people to join in the Veganuary challenge, a catchy compound word made up of “vegan” and “January”.

Most people make new year resolutions in January, however, they can join in the challenge any time of the year, as is the case with the Croatian version – Veggie Challenge at www.veganopolis.net

The cute short animation shows Bigfoot feeling lost and lonely in his isolated environment, scared of the doom we all face if we continue living as wastefully as we do now. He soon realizes that we are all responsible as individuals, so he decides to bring in some positive change in his life starting from joining in the Veganuary challenge.

Thus, Bigfoot fills his supermarket trolley with a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, cooks tasty vegetable stews and becomes part of the online Veganuary community. The 60-second creative animation was produced by Manchester-based Kilogramme animation studio, the audio was mastered by Nice Sound, while Bigfoot’s voice is lent by James Cromell, who starred in “Babe” and who was motivated by the movie to go vegan. Featuring cheerful background music, a palette of pastel tones and a beautiful and dramatic animation style, this movie encourages everyone to start thinking of their Bigfoot carbon footprint and consider a compassionate style of living and eating.

Igor Barberić, ambassador of the Croatian version of Veganuary and Bigfoot’s voice, reminds everyone of the fact that climate change has been declared man’s biggest challenge and the world’s most serious environmental threat. “Many conscientious people are trying to help fight climate change by deciding on cycling more or using LED bulbs, however, those measures are not enough. The environmental price of meat, eggs and milk is too high, whereas a plant-based diet reduces the carbon footprint by as much as 50%. In the movie, Bigfoot also realizes that he isn’t doing enough for his planet, so he turns vegan. I encourage everyone to see the movie and join in the Challenge as soon as possible at www.veganopolis.net. You truly have nothing to lose ­- it is painless, free, educational and fun!”, says Igor as Bigfoot.

Animal Friends Croatia would like to remind everyone that those who join in the Veggie Challenge by the end of January will receive various discounts, free lunch and a basket of vegan delicatessen, in addition to support through advice, recipes and useful information. Namely, 24 veggie restaurants from around Croatia offering a free meal are joined by numerous other companies giving away vouchers, gift sets and discounts.

Animal Friends Croatia would like to thank the following supporters of the Veggie Challenge for their cooperation:

bio&bio, Sana delikatese, Burger King (plant based burger & nuggets), Arepera Maracay, Pusti otok, Summarum fitness i restoranima Oaza Joyful Kitchen, Br00m 44, Vegehop, Zrno bio bistro, Sve najbolje, VeganKO, Falafel etc., Green Point, Barcode Mitra, Simple Green by Jelena, Zeleni Vaal, Kokolach, Soul Food, BEG'S Plant Based, Kuća tete Ane and Smoothiekaša from Zagreb, VEG Plant based meals and Kavana UpCafe from Split, Priroda&Društvo from Rijeke, Vege Klub Chandra from Karlovac, O.DA from Šibenik, Urban & Veggie from Dubrovnik and Urban Garden Juice & Smoothie Bar from Opatija.

Translated by: Vlatka Nercessian

Igor barberic as Bigfoot [ 321.46 Kb ]


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