01/24/04 Say NO to Fur!

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Animal Friends protests against wearing animal fur

Following the protests in various Croatian towns, Animal Friends will protest against fur in Sisak. On Saturday, January 24, 2004, at 11:00 A.M., in Ulica S. and A. Radica, the activists of Animal Friends will distribute leaflets and carry billboards in sign of protest against fur industry and the fashion of cruelty.

During the protest, a short performance against wearing animal fur will take place. Its author, Robert Franciszty, has gained fame in Zagreb with his performance in which he burned fur, as well as other public statements on behalf of animal rights.

Animal Friends wishes to draw attention of the public to the baseness and cruelty connected with wearing animal fur and to encourage wearing clothes that show compassion with animals.

In nature, animals used for fur are hunted with the help of spiked steel traps, which pierce their paws and bodies in such a way that they suffer for days before the hunters tear their chests or break their necks. Many dogs, cats, and other animals get caught in such traps "by mistake."

On fur farms, animals live in terrible conditions. They are stuffed in narrow wire cages in which they can hardly move. When in nature, most of these animals usually traverse dozens of kilometers per day and have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, whereas on farms they are forced to lie on their own excrements. In such conditions, some of them lose their minds completely and begin attacking each other. There are also cases of forced cannibalism.

Before they are skinned, animals are killed by breaking their necks, injecting with poison, exhaustion gasses, or electric poles stuck in their anus.

The following number of animals is needed for a single fur coat: up to 20 beavers, 30 raccoons, 34 nutrias, 40 opossums, 200 chinchillas, 240 ermines, 400 squirrels...

All this is happening today, when textile industry is so varied that it is absolutely unnecessary to wear clothes made of animal fur, which causes such suffering and ecological damage during production and treatment.

The times of caveman are ancient past. We are modern people and therefore we should leave animals to enjoy their natural lives. Let us turn to artificial, equally warm fabrics, which will warm up our hearts, not only our bodies.




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