04/11/22 If we do not eat dogs, we should also not eat other animals

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Video and photos: Animal Friends Croatia shocked by „dog“ meat offers

- By-passers were revolted and swore resentfully and then tasted the vegetable meat

Dog meat in Zagreb [ 93.29 Kb ]

Animal Friends Croatia activists shocked a large group of by-passers on Flower Square by offering tasting of „dog meat”. Namely, on the popular Zagreb square, the smell of barbeque meat was in the air and the posters and leaflets present on the respective stand were stating that meat being roasted is that of – a dog. The advertisement showed the inscription „Elwood's organic dog meat”, which suggested tasty meat of a dog of organic origin is being offered. Obviously, they were offering vegan burgers and the whole “prank” was an incentive for by-passers to ask themselves why it is not acceptable to eat a dog burger, but they eat the meat of identically intelligent and conscious animals such as pigs and cows.

„Almost all by-passers reactions to the idea of dog meat were identical – shock, disbelief, revolt and persuasion attempts as to how unethical it is. Especially revolted were the ones who were passing by with their dogs. When we pointed out the fact that they can live without any animal suffering, they quickly forgave us and accepted that our prank was intended to educate. The added value was that they could try a tasty veggie burger, which by flavor and texture is no different from the ones they are used to, so the vast majority of them left our event with a smile on their face and, we hope, some new life insights or decisions” Emanuela Poturica of Animal Friend Croatia said.

She added that the animals have their own life purpose and the people are the ones who decided which species they will care for and cuddle. For other animals, they intended a destiny that includes exploitation, imprisonment, child abduction, life in cramped space, and, lastly, painful death. Invisible system of beliefs and ideologies that conditions people to eat (certain) animals we call carnism. But more and more people are aware that animal eating is not a survival prerequisite but a choice and are choosing a vegan diet.

„As do cats and dogs, also pigs, chickens, cows and other animals feel fear, pain and love, retain social interactions and communicate with each other. Pigs have long-term memory, sing to their children and can even play video games, they bind to one another, dream and recognize their names and also lead complex social lives. Chickens communicate through 30 different vocalizations with different meanings and can recognize over 100 human faces. Cows have best friends, carry their children for nine months in the belly as human mothers do and have great traumas due to being separated from the child. Most are revolted by dogs put in chains, but few of them know that most of the cows spend their whole life in chains”, Poturica clarified.

Animal Friends Croatia invites all to watch video from the dog meat tasting and to apply for the Veggie challenge at www.veganopolis.net.

Dog meat in Zagreb [ 194.73 Kb ]

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