07/12/22 All Breeders Must Register, even if They are Seemingly Giving the Animals Away

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After a five-year wait, today the new Ordinance on pet breeding came into force

- Breeding mainly without the control and without tax paying; adopt instead of buying

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Animal Friends Croatia announced that today the new Ordinance on Conditions that Must Be Met by Pet Breeding Intended for Sale came into force. The important positive news is that the sale is considered not only a commercial sale but also any other form of transfer of pet ownership including gifting without the commercial effect. „This will help stop the breeders who seemingly breed the animals only for giving away. We have cases where, for example, a breeder has several females that constantly have the young and has 400 dogs in their register, and regardless of that claims not being a breeder, but smuggles the dogs and sells them without vaccinations or microchipping”, Animal Friends Croatia explain.

Now, this will be able to be proven the veterinary inspections and in court proceedings, because all breeders, regardless of whether they sell or “give away” the animals, must work in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance. Even in 2017., the Animal Protection Law stipulated that all breeders, regardless of the number of females, must register pet breeding with the Ministry of Agriculture, and not only the breeders with three or more breeding females, as was the case earlier. It took five years for the new Ordinance harmonized with the Law to come to force and regulates the breeding and sale of animals.

„Unregistered breedings are a source of sales of so-called undocumented purebred dogs and the cause of great animal suffering because they directly contribute to the increase of the problem of unwanted animals and more difficult care of the abandoned ones. Because of not being registered anywhere, no one controls the conditions in which breeding females are kept, how many times a year they mate, as well as the health of the puppies they sell through the advertisement. One research prepared by the authors of the blog ‘Dogs bark and caravans pass’ showed, by tracing sales only in one advertisement listing, that on dogs sales in Croatia in just ten days an incredible seven million kuna turnover is made, and that without any control or tax payment. That amount, that dog breeders can make within ten days, would enable the annual functioning of several shelters for abandoned animals!” Animal Friends Croatia points out.

Animal Friends Croatia welcome the release of the Ordinance, which prescribes at least the minimum conditions and which was being waited for five years. During the work on the Ordinance and during the public debate, they provided comments and suggestions to try to influence on reducing the cruel practices and to increase the possibility of protecting the welfare of exploited animals. They also emphasized they are against the breeding of dogs, cats and other types of pets!

„Dogs and other animals that are exploited for breeding purposes do not exist to fulfill our wishes and desires, nor are we in a position to create copies of them that we will order “tailored made”. Our aesthetic demands towards other animals are unnatural, unjustified, cruel, and ethically unacceptable. Therefore, we invite all those who have the time, money and patients to take care of the animal in the right way and for life, to adopt instead of buying, regardless of the breed”, Animal Friends Croatia says.

They also invite everyone to think about adopting two pets, because adopting them directly saves lives, and neutering them simultaneously. They appeal to the cities and the municipalities that during the control of microchipping of dogs, they check within their area whether all breeders are registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, as required by the Animal Protection Law.

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