09/29/22 150,000 dead because of human greed

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Animal Friends Croatia reacts to the announcement of mass chicken killings due to the appearance of salmonella

- They call on companies in the egg industry to turn to a plant-based economy instead of exploiting animals

After salmonella was found in the eggs from the Lukač farm and the announcement that the owners of the farm will have to kill as many as 150,000 chickens, Animal Friends Croatia spoke out. In their statement, they state that the farm suspects that they are being framed by competitors, and they do not doubt the morality of imprisoning conscious animals in an overcrowded space, killing newly born chickens, nor depriving innocent creatures of all their natural needs. As they state, they count the damage in the millions, not in lives, which would have ended prematurely even without the salmonella outbreak.

They add that the average lifespan of hens in the egg industry is a year and a half, while a hen that has not been exploited can live up to 10 times longer. In Croatia, male chicks are killed by suffocation with gas immediately after birth because they are an unwanted by-product of the egg industry. In breeding, in addition to constant physical suffering, hens also suffer psychological abuse through deliberate moulting and light regulation in order to lay more eggs.

The hygienic and living conditions of animals in systems like the one on the second-largest egg farm in Croatia are extremely suitable for the emergence of infectious diseases that can very quickly turn into pandemics of unforeseeable consequences. Greed for eggs, as stated by the Association, is associated with many infectious diseases, in this case, salmonella. This affects climate change and causes waste of resources, killing of animals and great potential danger to humans: "Mass breeding of animals for food and meat-eating is in itself unnecessary, terribly wasteful and destructive to the environment and human health. The emergence of a disease leads to the unnecessary suffering of hundreds of millions of animals that man has multiplied due to his diet and that will die from futile efforts to control infections.

Apart from being cholesterol bombs, potential carriers of salmonella and the causative agent of a deadly form of testicular cancer, eggs are neither naturally nor nutritionally necessary in the diet. Excluding animal products from the diet also eliminates mad cow disease, bird flu, trichinosis and salmonella, but also avoids direct consumption of vaccines and antibiotics.

The Association also noted that they sympathize with the workers who are threatened with dismissal and sincerely hope that the owners of the company behind the farm will start thinking about a less risky business that is not based on the exploitation of other beings, as many other companies in the world have done. Recently, the media was filled with news about Mike Weaver, a chicken breeder for the poultry company Pilgrim's Pride, who decided to leave his current business and start growing hemp instead. He is part of a growing movement of farmers who want to abandon animal exploitation to tap the new potential of the plant economy, an industry that experts say could be worth $85 billion by 2030.

They invite everyone to choose a diet without hormones, antibiotics, purulent inflammations, tumors and cholesterol, a diet that excludes salmonella, trichinosis, mad cow disease and bird flu, and includes care for animals, people, the environment and health.

Anyone interested has at their disposal a free vegan "Salmonella-free cookbook" with recipes without fear of fever, severe abdominal pain, nausea and all other symptoms of salmonella poisoning, and more information about the cruelty of raising chickens for eggs can be found HERE.

Translated by: Vito Čubrilo

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