10/03/22 The announcement of legal changes is the best reason to celebrate!

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Animal Friends Croatia calls for the celebration of World Animal Day on October 4th

- Commemoration on October 8 at Bundek with numerous associations for animal protection and the popular Vegan picnic

This year, animals' friends have a particularly good reason to celebrate World Animal Day, which is celebrated worldwide on October 4. Namely, thanks to the initiative of the association AFC and other associations of the Animal Protection Network, the establishment of the Commission for upcoming amendments to the Animal Protection Act is underway.

"On the website www.boljizakon.net, there is a detailed explanation of the proposals for prescribing legal changes: a complete ban on keeping dogs on a chain, the introduction of the so-called "Positive lists of animals that may be kept as pets, ban on keeping wild animals in private captivity, a complete ban on animals in circuses, the introduction of mandatory castration of dogs and cats, and other changes," state Animals' Friends.

Everyone is invited to visit Zagreb's Bundek Park on Saturday, October 8, 2022, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., where World Animal Day will be celebrated in the organization of the City of Zagreb. In addition to numerous stands of animal protection associations, a Vege picnic is traditionally organized on this occasion so that visitors can enjoy delicious vegan dishes.

"When we talk about animal protection, most people think of dogs and cats, but all other animals, too, should be protected from human exploitation and killing. "Just by changing our habits a little, we can protect animals that are far from the public eye - on farms, in slaughterhouses, laboratories, circuses, cages... All animals need our compassion in order to create a world without violence against animals", points out Ivana Lunka, an ambassador of World Animal Day in Croatia.

She explains that respecting all lives is the meaning of this very day, which has been celebrated every October 4 since 1925, because it is also the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, a famous saint and protector of animals, who was a vegetarian. The commemoration of that day was first encouraged by the German writer Heinrich Zimmermann, at whose demonstration in honor of animal rights almost a hundred years ago, more than 5,000 people showed up! Animals need our good deeds not only on October 4th but throughout the year, says Ivana Lunka.

Animals' Friends conclude that the necessary changes to the Animal Protection Act, which has not been changed since 2017, will certainly contribute to the better protection of animals, but also to the fact that each of us can protect them today by not abandoning them, not buying them, not eating them, not wearing their skin, fur, wool and silk, not visiting zoos and by buying vegan products that are not tested on animals. You can find more information about these topics at the website www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr.

On the occasion of World Animal Day, we can share our thoughts on animal rights and what we do every day to help them on social media. In this way, we are actively advocating the abolition of the exploitation, suffering, and killing of animals, and by changing living habits, we directly participate in creating a better world for all animal species.

Therefore, Animals' Friends say that World Animal Day should be actively celebrated, emphasizing that it is individuals who can do a lot for animals every day. They also call on local communities to mark this important date by implementing the Animal Protection Act, i.e. controlling the microchipping of dogs and financing the castration of dogs and cats.

Let World Animal Day be an incentive for everyone to take the time to learn about the Animal Rights Movement, the work of Animal Protection associations, and information on how animals can be helped in all ways.

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