10/28/22 Croatia in Vegan Colors

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On the occasion of World Vegan Day, 100 vegan flags were placed all over Croatia

- Vegan flags in 10 cities, Meštrović Pavilion and fountains by NSB (National and University Library) in vegan colors, food tastings for students

On the occasion of World Vegan Day, marked on November 1st, Animal Friends Croatia will place as many as 100 vegan flags in 10 Croatian cities. This year, besides Zagreb, Opatija, Pula, Čakovec, Krapina, Samobor and Makarska, vegan flags will be flying for seven days on masts of Vukovar, Zadar and Slavonski Brod. Vegan colors will light up the Meštrović Pavilion and the fountains in front of the National and University Library in Zagreb.

Animal Friends Croatia announce a food tasting on October 28th, 2022. at 11,30 a.m. in front of the Zagreb Student Center. Students will be offered tasty vegan food and cookbooks, will be provided helpful information on vegan diet advantages and will be collecting signatures for introducing vegan meals into public institutions considering the bad situation related to a selection of completely vegetable meals.

„We are grateful to the cities who have acknowledged the importance of the vegan movement for the preservation of the planet, people and animals and believe that next year even more cities will join in this way in celebrating World Vegan Day”, Animal Friends Croatia point out and note that this is an important project for Croatia.

They explain that their wish is that the message of compassion reaches as many people as possible and are convinced that vegan flags will for many evoke a wish for a positive change for people and the environment, as well as change the perception of our relationship towards animals.

A vegan flag is inspired by love, respect and compassion towards all beings regardless of species: „Green color represents terrestrial animals, blue water and air, while white is the symbol of unity. Letter v is the first letter of the word vegan, and the symbol of the turned-over pyramid represents the ability of each individual to affect the world in a positive manner”, Animal Friends Croatia explains.

World Vegan Day was established in 1994. for promoting ethical, medical and ecological aspects of a vegan diet amongst the general population. By switching to a plant-based diet thousands of animals are saved and at the same time planet pollution is reduced as well as a waste of precious natural resources is stopped. By eliminating animal products from the diet, the risks of heart attack and stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and obesity are reduced.

„Today, when the world is facing an ecological disaster, when 50 and 150 animal and plant species become extinct on daily basis, loss of bio-diversity was never greater, global warming and climate changes are at their peak and the world we know could end soon with all its beauty and wonders, it is necessary that by choosing the plant-based diet and products we affect the world in a positive way”, Animal Friend Croatia warns.

They invite all that on the occasion of World Vegan Day they register for the free service Vege challenge available on www.veganopolis.net through which for a one-month period they will be receiving information on veganism, receive recommendations for films and books, as well as simple recipes for tasty vegan meals.

More information on World Vegan Day and the flag gallery can be found HERE, and the petition for introducing vegan meals into public institutions can be signed HERE.

Veganism is important for stopping:

- climate changes and environmental pollution, respectively enabling creation of clean grounds, water, and air
- world hunger and merciless use of drinking water and land, respectively enabling sustainability for this and future generations
- originating of new pandemics, respectively enabling peaceful agriculture without unnatural practices
- extinction of species and cutting down of rain forests, respectively enabling stabilization of bio-diversity
- deaths from heart and blood vessel diseases and other today’s diseases, respectively enabling the return to the natural plant-based diet that provides vitality and longevity

- suffering and death of billions of animals that suffer in breeding and in slaughterhouses, respectively enabling compassionate relationship towards all living beings.

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