11/25/22 They Dream and Snuggle and Are Then Slaughtered In a Backyard

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Animal Friends Croatia has been fighting for 20 years for banning traditional pig slaughtering and proposes a passionate alternative

- New tradition: Recipes for vegan sausages, lard salt cookies, scones with greaves and lard

If you are an animal lover, maybe you have heard about a ten-year-old pig Esther who is followed on her Facebook profile by 1.5 million people. She is also the oldest fattening pig in the world and already suffers from numerous ailments that veterinarians do not know how to treat. Namely, these sort of pigs, even when rescued, rarely lives for more than three years. That is the age that in Croatia popular Super Ljilja and Archibald reached, while Sausage lived for six and a half years. Other members of their species can only dream about that because during the last weekend in November the traditional pig slaughtering season starts.

And that pigs dream, and that of a better life, is confirmed by Animal Friends Croatia: „Aside from that, pigs recognize their own names, have a long-term memory, enjoy playing with soccer balls and being snuggled, learn “tricks” such as sitting down for a reward and lead social lives of such complexity that was earlier noticed only in primates. This is about an extremely intelligent species that are similar to us in many ways, nevertheless, people will still prepare for them a film of horror, agony and slitting of necks during the upcoming traditional pig slaughtering season.”

They state that from year to year the same scenes are repeating in village yards – the smell of cooked brandy being spread, wooden crates are being taken out, knives are sharpened, unbearable terrified screams are heard, and after the slaughter, traces of animal resistance are seen on the grass, while pools of blood melt the frozen ground. „Swine killing or pig slaughtering is not a cute tradition, but the worst violence and abuse of intelligent and sensitive animals who are the victims, neither guilty nor worth of, human abuse, barbaric habits and primitivism”, Animal Friends Croatia point out, having been fighting already for 20 years to ban traditional pig slaughtering.

They believe that in the 21st century there is no place for traditions that are based on slaughter as the most brutal human action towards animals, but that instead, we should start new traditions and family gatherings without cutting throats on muddy village yards. „Vegan sausages of all kinds, less or more spiced, baked, smoked, cooked for a sandwich or a hot dog, we can purchase in almost every larger store, and we can also make them ourselves as per numerous available recipes and without justifiably strict health measures such as those prescribed for pig slaughtering in yards. At the same time, we do not have to worry about trichinosis, swine plague, salmonella and cholesterol”, Animal Friends Croatia says.

They add that vegan substitutes for meat products show that even the biggest meat fans do not have to give up the taste they have been used to since childhood, but can at the same time give up the disgusting practice of torturing and slaughtering animals. That is why they invite all lovers of meat dishes to try delicious plant-based substitutes for meat, sausages, and salami instead of products made from slaughtered pigs.

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