01/11/23 Vegan Products Spreading Around the World

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Veganuary – the perfect time to get familiar with the new plant-based products

- Many stores, restaurants and fast-food chains launched vegan products in January.

The purpose of Veganuary is to encourage as many people as possible that in January they try veganism and then also to stick to their decision, for their own health, environmental protection and saving the lives of many animals. Luckily, this has never been even more simple thanks to the further increase of plant-based products on the market. Today in stores vegan versions can be found for almost everything – including vegan ham, shrimp, eggs, sausages, chicken, cheese, milk and so much more. Furthermore, restaurants and fast-food chains today also have more plant-based options than ever before.

Each year the initiative Veganuary is more and more popular, so last year in that challenge a record 629.000 people from 228 countries took part. The number of vegans in the United States increased by 300 percent between 2004 and 2019 and every day more and more people throughout the world are deciding to become vegan.

With the increase in the number of vegans, the demand is also increasing for vegan products that were not as present on the market as they are today. According to some estimations, the sale of vegan food, including plant and cultivated meat, should increase to 300 billion dollars by 2025. Vegan food and products are intended for all and attract everyone, regardless of their eating habits, so more and more people prefer vegan products.

Veganuary through various promotions during January cooperates also with dozens of companies that are not food related. Health and wellness brands highlight and provide discounts on their vegan products that are not tested on animals, such as various products for body care and supplements. Also shopping chains in Croatia joined Veganuary and expanded their vegan product offer and on the existing granted a convenient discount.

Veganuary participants from last year stated that after the challenge their energy was increased by 49 percent, their well-being by 48 percent and overall health by 50 percent. Besides that, 98 % of participants noted they would recommend Veganuary to a friend. By eating vegan food, not only are animals raised for food saved but will also help in the prevention of habitat destruction and the mass extinction of wild animals. The research shows that animal breeding is the biggest threat for 86 percent of 28.000 species that are known to be in danger of extinction. Scientists believe that almost 90 percent of wild land animals will lose their habitat by 2050 if more people do not choose veganism.

“By changing life habits, we can greatly influence the future of the planet, and the first step is to join the Croatian version of Veganuary, Veggie Challenge. At www.veganopolis.net you can obtain loads of free useful information and a nice incentive for a positive change. Let’s make 2023 a year that we will take a concrete step forward”, Animal Friends Croatia say by inviting all that during January they get familiar with veganism and vegan products.

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